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5 Bras I Wish Came In My Size

Disclaimer: This isn't a whiny woe-is-me post on why there aren't that many cute bras in my size. Bumping around the 28G/30FF range, I have nothing to complain about in terms of selection, diversity, and fit. Moaning about my options would be akin to those celebrity interviews where actresses complain about how difficult is to be white, rich, talented, beautiful, or famous. Really?! A woman in the H+ range has far fewer options than I do and I want to maintain my perspective. I suppose this post is a declaration of my taste outside of the current full bust offerings. The grass is always greener, eh? Here are my top 5 plus/straight size bras that I'd like to see in my size and their closest full bust style:

Huit's Cupcake collection has been on the lingerie scene for awhile now and appears every season in fashion colors for straight sizes. Elomi, which is one of Huit's "sister brands", debuted their version of the Cupcake recently. While slightly reworked for the 34-46" bands and E+ cups, these bras are stylistic sisters. Both of these bras are adorable without being too young, sexy without being obvious, and all in all, a pretty minimalist design concept. I also think these lines could easily be adapted onto a Freya frame and sell well. This full bust lady wants that scalloped detailing, damnit!

Closest Full Bust Cousin: The Dessous Mesh collection, from Claudette, reminds me the most of the Cupcake/Rita lines. There's no scalloping going on, but the paired down sexy/cute appeal is all still there and in similarly saturated hues.

Did you know "aubade" is the word for a song where lovers are parting at dawn? Isn't that beautiful?! And now it makes total sense why one of the premier French luxury brands take their name from such an evocative word. Aubade's bras are lingerie with a capitol L and remind me that bras are an art form, rather than a simple necessity. Flipping through images of their current collection, I've gotta say my favorite line continues to be the Idylle Parisienne. It's from last year, but look closely at the's an EIFFEL TOWER print. Le sigh.

Closest Full Bust Cousin: The Beaujais Sorbet Sweet Nothings set is just as luxurious and dramatically opulent as the Idylle Parisienne. They're also both top-tier demis that aren't afraid of fun. C'mon, who doesn't want to party in hot pink?!

I'm cheating here because this line IS made for the full bust market. Overall, the size range is fairly exclusive for a D-FF line though (which is roughly what the a European H cup translates to). Many of the A La Folie bra styles extend to 38" or 44" bands while the smaller cup sizes dip down to 30". Sadly, the two facets of their range don't overlap so all of the G and H cups in this collection nip to a 32". *SOBS*. Regardless, I'm mighty intrigued by the criss cross tailoring, sheer elements, and best of all, straps with bows.

Closest Full Bust Cousin: Again, the Prima Donna Twist A La Folie is intended for the full bust market and you could buy this in say, a European 34H or 38F (Roughly converted: 34FF or 38E). But the Portia by Curvy Kate has a much more inclusive size range, from 28-40 D-K. It's also modestly priced and always features contrast trim.

Honestly, I'd take any bra from b. tempt'd's arsenal. They're adorable, they appear in a constant rotation of bright colors, and they're super affordable. I bought the Ciao Bella for my younger sister and she loved it. The two tone lace, broad balconnette shape, and giant bow come together to make a sweetly endearing design. I doubt we'll see b.tempt'd move into U.S. G or H cups anytime soon, but there's hope on the horizon. The Ciao is available in DDD cups and 30" bands.

Closest Full Bust Cousin: While it's not out quite yet, the reintroduced Masquerade Antoinette has a similar horizontal shape, contrast lace overlay, and glamorous velvet strap action. While it rings in at a higher price point than b.tempt'd, this set is a perfect compromise.

Toronto-based Fortnight Lingerie is an indie label that I've been obsessed with for awhile. I believe their branding, product images, and relationship with social media has been managed with aplomb. Their customers get a great sense of what the brand is "about" and how to interact with them as a company. Happily, some of their forms do touch the full bust size range. They produce 30" bands and F cups. Oh yeah, did I mention their lingerie is discreetly feminine, demure, and fashionable? They're sophisticated in their simplicity and continually reveal colors that are, well, right.

Closest Full Bust Cousin: Another indie lingerie company, Louise Ferdinand, has a subtly sexy and intelligently simple appeal. Plus, she offers a 28-38" bands and D-J cups, with special order options for JJ-KK cups. Lately, I've been eyeing the Nottingham lace Marlene for her quiet sauciness. Because sometimes the most unassuming lingerie speaks the loudest.

Alright, I know you secretly have these too! If you're full busted, is there a A-D style or brand you enviously sigh over? And, if you're not, are their larger cup brands that tempt my A-D cup friends?


  1. Definitely Huit, for me. I've loved almost every collection: the tartan prints, the smooth lines, and above all the Rumeur line from this past year. I'm bummed I can't wear those (or much of the bras from indie designers like Playful Promises or Kiss Me Deadly), but enough woe is me because Antoinette! It's coming back! In colors! Masquerade heard my prayers! Where did you find the preview image?

    1. YES to all the Huit business. While it looks a little too close to a certain Chantelle collection, I love Huit's Icone series and their wholesale support of cotton wirefree bras (which I've found many straight size women are searching for).

      I must be such a dope because I hadn't heard about the Antoinette before I attended Panache's press event. Haha, how'd I miss such a gorgeous design?! I found the image on their press gallery, which you could register for, or you could just steal my pic. :)

  2. Can I please comment on your description of the Curvy Kate bra: "moderately priced". Hahaha. Sorry, not to sound snarky, but CK bras are EXPENSIVE. I'm talking $90+ in Australia. Who has that kind of money to throw at one bra? I'm glad CK is getting more popular but I can't afford them!! I want one but if I was to buy a set (bra and undies), it'd easily cost me close to $200. No. Just no. Arrgh.

    1. Hi Alice!

      I'm so sorry, I had no idea they were that much in Australia! Here they retail for around $60-$68, which is a pretty average price for a full bust bra. Online, I've found their fashion colorways for a little less ($40 US) or on discount websites. In the U.S., that's an awesome price point for our size range. A price hike like that is rough and I can't imagine how annoying that must be. I'll be careful to do more research on cost conversions in the future!

  3. I am right there with you when it comes to Huit and Fortnight. Another brand at the top of my wish-I-could-wear list is Lost In Wonderland. Beautiful vegan lingerie? Ahh yes please!

    1. I've got to check Lost in Wonderland. Thanks for the tip, girl! ;)

  4. Hm. I've never worn meat lingerie before. Anyway, I would kill for the Sweet Nothings Balconette Bra. I have a penchant for lace and berry.


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