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Miss Underpinnings Awards: Best Lingerie of 2012

Best Soft Cup: Freya Beau
Awww, my Beau. This Freya bra was hands-down my most worn bra of the year with it's phenomenal fit, appealing yet unusual color combination, and adorable-as-snuggling-puppies print. Beau's pink and greys matched up perfectly with the muted colors I prefer in the spring and summer and proved to be a wonderfully comfy fit under my sweaters in the winter. This brand's sheer paneled styles are a "sure bet" for me fit-wise, but the Beau blew me away.

Best Contour: Evollove Dawn in Eden
When I conceived of this list, I was most intimidated by this category. I dislike most foam bras and try significantly less of them than my beloved soft cups. However, the Dawn in Eden from Evollove knocked it out of the park. It pushed me up, held me close, left me contained, and gave me the confidence boost (pun intended!) I require from my favorite bras. As I said in my review, the color was daunting at first. Turquoise? But it grew on me until I was entering my favorite boutiques and searching out anything in the aqua family.   

Best Luxury: Miss Mandalay Amelie
I'm wearing the Amelie as I write this and you guys, it's amazing. I'll be reviewing it in detail soon and in the meantime, trust me on this one. It's unexpectedly comfortable, totally sexy, and a ridiculously good fit. While some people might not consider the $75 price tag a crazy luxury, this bra wins in this category because it makes me feel luxurious. In the Amelie, I'm Anastasia Romanov or Anna Karenina...or some other terrifically beautiful, wonderfully rich and tragically fated Russian heiress.

Best Print: Ewa Michalak Lato

Don't even talk to me about this bra. It's as if one of the most talented lingerie designers in the world created a bra for me personally and then I didn't buy it. When I got enough dollars together to finally grab it, the Lato was sold out. The turquoise, the orange, the florals...this print was the sensation of the full bust blogosphere and I'm not sure I've seen anything this year that even approaches this optimistic, happy, and feminine confection.

Best Basic: Gossard Retrolution in Blush

Judging my how many godawful ugly beige bras exist, they must be tremendously difficult to design. Why would any lingerie manufacturer create an undergarment in the same color as most hospital equipment?! When I stumbled upon the Gossard Retrolution in Blush, I was shocked -- flabbergasted!! -- to find that it was as pretty as any fashion colorway. It's a soft, romantic hue that suggests car hops, milkshakes, and an era when foundation garments weren't designed to look like factory machinery. 

 Best Bargain: Midnight Grace Paige

Midnight Grace, an in-house brand, is the unsung hero of the full bust lingerie world. Their styles are infrequently reviewed (Exception: Becky at Busts for Justice is a long-time fan!), yet they churn out cute styles at a reasonable price point. When I ordered the Paige, I wasn't expecting much. In my experience, cheaper bras often indicate a cheaper fit so color me impressed with the Paige. This 30G worked as well for me as my favorite, more expensive brands like Miss Mandalay and Freya. 

Best New Launch: Evollove

Like Midnight Grace from Figleaves, I wonder why Evollove hasn't garnered more acclaim. I've tried three of their debut lines and found, across the board, a lovely fit and a unique direction. These Australian bras are happy-go-lucky, whimsical, and stand apart from the design perspectives originating in the U.S., U.K., and Poland. For a new company, they're also widely available in the States. If you're on the smaller cup size of the full bust spectrum (DD-G), Evollove comes highly recommended.

Best Discovery: Gossard
Gossard is my new obsession! Unfortunately, they're not as widely available in stateside boutiques and American-based online retailers. For me, they're definitely worth the extra hunt to track down. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to try several of their popular, continuity styles and while my detailed reviews will appear through next month, I'd like to give them a special shout-out now. They fit and look "different" -- very vintage-inspired, from design to fit...but it's an acquired taste I'm totally into.

Best Size Extension: Chantelle C.Chic Sexy
Chantelle doesn't pop up much in full bust blogosphere as a go-to brand for DD+ sizes, but I've found they have a cult following, among classy-ladies-in-the-know, that rivals hipster appreciation for Wes Anderson films. Personally, I have a running list of bras I'd like to see designed for full bust customers (including the Natori Feathers, any Huit) and the Chantelle C.Chic Sexy line has always been on it. When they released a new base shape -- a 3-part plunge bra -- and a size range down to 30" bands and up to a European H cup, I thought Christmas had come early. Since my review, I've discovered the 30H works better than the G, but hot tamales, this bra is divine.

Gentleman's Choice: Glossies Body by Gossard (by Mr. Underpinnings)
One of the best parts about being Mr. Underpinnings is that I have no input in the selection of lingerie that the Ms invests in. I say this is a good thing because I am literally ALWAYS surprised, and almost always enthralled, by every new piece. There were many sets this year that I found stimulating ( ;) ), but I would have to say that, as a Man, the sexiest thing that Ms. Underpinnings found this year was the Glossies Body by Gossard. It has become such a popular item in our household that we have begun referring to it as the "sex suit". The funny thing is, the one that we have isn't even technically a great fit! Gentlemen, do yourself a favor and buy your lady a Glossies Body immediately.

Reader's Choice: ?????
The last category is all yours. I've come up with my top picks for full bust lingerie in the last year, but I'm dying to know what Miss Underpinnings' readers have liked. Did you fall for the Bravissimo Satine which seems to be a recurring customer favorite? Did you go crazy for the Cleo Marie or Ellie? Or better yet, did you discover a designer or company that provides a terrific fit? Let me know in the comments and I'll insert a photo for the winning vote. 


  1. The Dotty Spot by Bravissimo gives a pretty amazing shape.

    1. I agree! I haven't tried it on for myself yet, but in the reviews and photos I've seen, it looks like it gives great support and lift! And you know I'm always down for some dots :) Thanks for reading!

  2. If you can find them, Kris Line bras will be my forever favorite. That said, they're kind of like unicorns in the larger cup sizes and I can't find anywhere to buy more. It makes me terribly sad.


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