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Bravissimo Early Spring Collection

I'm rushed for work and I have a million other posts to get up, but this morning I woke up to such loveliness I had to share. Bravissimo unveiled their Early Spring collection this morning and it's gorgeous! I've gotta say, the last few seasons of their own bras left me lukewarm. There weren't many 28" bands and the clashing color schemes didn't tempt me. However, this new collection ROCKS and all the new pieces (except for one basque) are available in small bands.

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  1. I just found your blog through IIYC! So glad she made a list of her top 10 blogs. :)

    I checked out the new range recently and bought the Moulin Rose one, it's beautiful on! I never would have picked it out for myself but the fitter bright me it. I'm usually wear Bravissimo Alanas (I have 4 colours...) but this gives me a great shape!

    I tried on the Betsy Bow bra too but I was in between cup sizes. :( Odd as It's based on the Primrose bra from the summer, which I have and it fits fine!


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