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An Introduction to Gossard

I've always thought of Gossard as a bit of an 'outlier' brand. Like Lepel, Bestform, or Just Peachy by Figleaves, their lingerie is infrequently reviewed and they pop up occasionally on full bust blogs. I was familiar with their aesthetic, but I didn't know what to expect in terms of quality or fit. I'm always cautious when I try new lines because I'm a risk averse person by nature. I'm the girl who orders the same meal in a restaurant fifty times and keeps Hoarders-like collections of one niche item. So, this quality kept me away for awhile. But of course, I mistakenly set the bar too low.

The biggest surprise? Although they don't look it, I'd say Gossard has a lot in common with Curvy Kate. For starters, Gossard is a total steal. Like the juggernaut Curvy Kate, their bras look much more expensive than they are. Definitely a "bang for your buck" quality. To fall in love with these sets, you'd need to let go of your expectations that you'll achieve a certain look. Once you're familiar with them, you could turn to the brand to get an exclusive shape. Curvy Kate and Gossard also have more unpredictable sizing than what you're used to with Panache/Freya. That's not a necessarily a bad quality; it allows women to enjoy their bras who might otherwise size out of their range. Nor is it revolutionary, since we've all experienced crazy fit differences between the Eveden and Panache lines. Most importantly, if the company continues with such strong designs, I think it has unbelievable cult potential. Their Ooh La La Corselet is already a wonderful success and I've also seen their Retrolution pieces pop up everywhere. Even Modcloth! It's definitely a brand I can see women becoming devoted to.

It'll be interesting to see if you guys agree with my findings or think I'm totally off base. Either way, I'll be excited to learn if anyone owns Gossard lingerie and what their experience has been. I've structured this review into three parts: padded, soft, and a body. Ah, I'm remiss! Gossard has some kickass pieces for Valentine's Day! Check it, then send it to your Significant Other, Special Friend, Sugar Daddy, or Sexy Neighbor:

Next Up: Reviews of the Gossard Retrolution Half Padded and Oriental Bloom Longline Bras...


  1. Oh, I love Gossard! The Ooh La La line has been especially good to me.

  2. I'm crazy about that brand. I'm french and I used to buy very expensive bra because of my large cup but Gossard is not as expensive as Aubade or Chantelle and has a good support (better than Aubade bras) I've bought the Retrolution in "noir" and the Oriental bloom and for a 32G these are very good looking.
    I will get the Ooh la la plunge bra and the Femme fatale next week! I fell in love with Gossard.

  3. I find the ooh la la had a very odd shape that didn't fit me in any size! The cup shape is not round enough. The gossard half padded bras are comfortable but tend to have very thick straps and not much cleavage. The gossard tropic bikini is to die for! You should try reviewing elle macpherson intimates and the wonderbra tshirt bras are my favourites for every day wear.


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