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Review: Curvy Kate Princess, Lottie & Gia

Curvy Kate is a U.K.-based brand I've reviewed before on Miss Underpinnings and in the past, I've only tried out padded styles (Tease Me, Daily Boost). Mr. Underpinnings is a big fan of their colorful styles and I've enjoyed watching the brand develop the first moulded bra up to a J-cup, plan a multiway release, and expand their swimwear line. When I learned that the company was giving me the opportunity to test these core styles all at once, I was elated. My conclusion? The Gia, Lottie, and Princess are three very different bras. Let's take a look:

Princess in Teal/Blush (Fashion)

For me, the Princess captures the strengths and weaknesses of the Curvy Kate brand as a whole. It's a gorgeous style and in my opinion, looks like a much more expensive bra than it is. As a stylish budget la-day, this is a quality I look for everywhere. The swiss dots and contrast trim are also universally appealing or accessible; I've noticed that many bloggers and lingerie fanatics seem attracted to this particular design from the company's regular arsenal.

Season after season, Curvy Kate churns this style out in colorways that just work. Whether it's lilac, maroon, or beige, the Princess stays pretty and sophisticated. The jewel-toned teal above was hardly my favorite incarnation of this bra, but when it arrived a little darker than the promotional photographs suggested, I was delighted with the festive winter hue.

The appearance, or shape under clothing, is easily the roundest of the Curvy Kate styles I received. The Princess provides a circular and held-close-against-the-body effect on the ta-tas. If you're someone searching for the maximum uplift or a soft cup with less coverage, it wouldn't be one of my recommendations.  It's much fuller than say, the Gia reviewed below or the Tango Plunge, and it's less lift than the soft Cleos usually give. For 'regular' day to day wear, the Princess is perfect for me. I can count on a stable, flattering, and comfortable fit that doesn't sacrifice style. 

Now about that fit...I cannot caution you enough: bras don't fit the same across brands and you could be a range of sizes in a single company. The Princess has a particular reputation for this since the center gore is wider, the cups are fuller and slightly shallow at the top. It's not a fit that is as intuitive or widely attainable as other styles. I'm wearing a 28GG in the Princess, but that size is now too large for me in all my Freyas (*SOBS*).

Lottie in White/Pink (Continuity)

When my friend K saw this bra, she told me it looked like lingerie that a porcelain doll would wear...if they weren't children. I think 1.) she's right and 2.) that's exactly why I love this bra! If I could get away with it in my mid-20s, I'd dress like a doll every day. Aesthetically, I love that the Lottie is an awesome match to everything already hanging in my closet. It's long ribbons, simple recurring trim, and classic color contrasts are delicately appealing in a quiet, modest manner. In a company that's known for it's dramatic fashion and trendy prints, the Lottie is a sweet and unassuming style.

While it was easily my favorite visual design, the Lottie's shape was the funkiest or the most unlike the currently favored high-and-lifted looks. The Lottie cradles the breasts through the bottom and compresses the top of the tissue with a firm panel. I've read reviews where this shape is dismissed as "pointy" or old fashioned, but I really enjoyed it. I felt my chest looked boob-like, which was refreshing, and I didn't feel too jiggly or compact.  

Gia in Cherry/Blush (Fashion)
Curvy Kate released two red bras this season, the padded Tease Me from the burlesque-inspired Showgirl line and the Gia. Somehow, I think the Gia got overshadowed by the beloved Tease Me. It became the "Oh, it's red" bra while it's padded sister was the "HOLY MOLY, get it ON me!" red of the present collection. The Gia shouldn't be discounted so quickly, it's a great offer from the company.

Judging by appearances, the Gia wasn't at the top of my wishlist. Online, the diamond repetition seemed overwhelming, especially alongside such a dominant color and rhinestone gems. When I saw it in person, I learned the truth: Gia's a secret sexpot! The sheer panel is terrifically vampy and the color is flattering. In fit, it was the most unlike the other two bras I tried. It has less coverage (more like a soft plunge?) and much more lift. I needed the 28G, rather than the 28GG required for both the Lottie and Princess, and the cups contained a ton of depth in the top panel.

To give everyone a peek of what's coming, I wanted to include the future Spring/Summer 2013 offerings of the bras I reviewed above. According to their website, the Curvy Kate Lottie in Raspberry will debut this month, the Gia in Seafoam next month, and the Princess in Orchid/Purple in February. (Aren't the CK models gorgeous?! Reminds me that I really need a blow-out!).

{Curvy Kate Princess, Lottie, & Gia c/o Curvy Kate}


  1. Curvy Kate is usually not my style and the red Gia was the first model they produce that I really really liked. So, I'm glad to read that you needed a smaller cup size in this one and that it contains a lot of depth up top. I might give it a try after all!

  2. This is a great review! My Lottie is the most comfortable bra I own, but it definitely doesn't give me the most uplift. I'm happy to trade some lift for so much comfort though! I like Curvy Kate, but their sizing is very funky across the line which seems to work against them. Buying one without being fitted into it would be hard!

  3. Of all bras that I have, Curvy Kate is the most bras that I from than any other brand. Specially their princess line! If you are fortunate enough to be a bit on the wide-bottom full range they are great!

    1. Zowye, I'm happy to hear that. Many of the bloggers who have tried the Princess have had difficulty with the wide bottom element so it's wonderful to hear your perspective. I'm happy to come across another Princess fan! It's such a charming design.


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