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Gift Guide: Rich Girl, Poor Girl

I love perusing gift guides, but by mid-December, they all seem the same (Does everyone really want a fancy candle, tumblers, and a make-up palette?). To add spice to the tradition, the Miss Underpinnings gift guides/holiday wish lists will revolve around a single theme and contain two perspectives. If there's interest, Mr. Underpinnings might do one of his own too! The first one in the series is, of course, inspired by the Hall and Oates song: 

1. Colored lace dress: Readers, please tell me in the comments that you go to fancy holiday parties that require dresses like these. I have NEVER, in my life, been invited to a dressy Christmas party. Or, if I was, I was too young to remember and my mother dressed me so it doesn't count. It goes without saying I'm really into colored lace and I've said it before, but I've got to do it again: SLEEVES. {Whistles Avril Lace Dress, around $280 US.}

2. Quirky sweater: If I was rich, I'd get everything monogrammed because I could, especially all my fine fibers. I would also buy neon colors of expensive fabrics, like cashmere and wool, because they wouldn't be "investment pieces", they'd just be, you know, my sweaters. Totally buy hoodies, instead of cardigans, because I think they say, "Look, I'm rich, but casual". {J. Crew Cashmere Popover Hoodie, $248 + $10 for the monogram.}

3. Bright brief: I totally own these. Does that make me rich? No, it means I spend an inordinate amount of my annual income on lingerie. If a pair of underwear could be your best friend, this panty and I would kick it to romantic comedy marathons on a weekly basis. {Eberjey Delirious French Brief, $24.}

4. Sheer black set: When my paternal grandmother passed away, her four adult children decided to bury her in a gigantic mink coat. I've always liked this story since it 1.) proves style runs in the family and 2.) gets my morbid imagination running with what I'd like to be buried in. Too Harold and Maude for ya? I adore this set, I'll leave it at that. {Beaujais Inkling Set, around $175 US.}

5. Polka dot stockings: If I had a dollar every time someone has recommended Wolford tights to me, I'd have enough to buy a pair. I liked the contrast camel spots on these "leggings" and if the rumors are true, they're indestructible. {Wolford Mega Dots Legging in Black, $75.}

6. Modern coat: Le sigh, winter bores me. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome to celebrate the holidays in a location that looks identical to every film dedicated to them. But after say, January 2nd? No thanks. Thus, I'm a firm believer in experimenting with color, shape, and texture through this grisly-no-good season. This electric cobalt coat is too much fun to be denied and would make winter layering about a thousand times less dull. {Francine Zip Coat in Petrol, available from Saint Bustier, $560.}

1. Quirky sweater: We just covered how I think winter clothing is boring, right? This sweater is anything but. You could wear it with jeans and your L.L.Bean snow boots and have a "look". {Modcloth Deer Journal Cardigan, by Knitted Dove, $79.99.}

2. Sheer black set: I ordered the purple version of this set last month and so far, it's probably one of my favorites of the entire season. Without a doubt, the bra is the greatest full bust bargain I've found. To top it off, it's hawt. I'll review it soon (Promise!) but in the meantime, it's an awesome "sexy Santa" gift. {Midnight Grace by Figleaves Paige Set, $57 with matching thong or $60 with short.}

3. Modern coat: With a big bust, coat shopping can be a demoralizing process. I've had to cross my fingers that a button wouldn't pop off on a bunch of public and potentially humiliating occasions. If you're in the market, I'd recommend StackDD's coat guide from last year. Sarah suggests side zippers and tries several belted styles. I like this one from Forever 21 above because I think shoulder biznatch balances my bust and the masculine style would pair well with more feminine pieces. {Forever 21 Quilted Shoulder Coat, $62.80.}

4. Bright brief: Confession: I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to my underpinnings. I'll try anything once and I'll certainly browse through any section. Kmart lingerie? Yeah, I've had a look. Target? Check. Urban Outfitters? Most definitely. Usually, a quick scan won't bear interesting fruit so I was surprised at how much I liked these hipsters. For a while, I thought my blood sugar must be low or my standards had disappeared because I was surrounded by that edgy, blaring music and post-industrial decor. But no, I really like these. {Urban Outfitters Swiss Dot Lace Mix Hipster, $8 or 5 for $25.}

5. Colored lace dress: I'm such a hypocrite, going on and on about dresses with sleeves and then including this ASOS number. Let me make a case, this gem is all stretch so no matter your bust, you can shimmy into the joint. Bonus, this neckline ROCKS a killer decolletage for the DD+ population. {ASOS Pencil Dress in Bonded Lace, $79.16.}

6. Polka dot stockings: Pretty Polly is an English hosiery company that I've worn before and been very happy with. While I haven't tried the polka dots, I own their ripped and garter stockings. I've been pleased with the quality and their "classic" trend appeal. Not too glitzy, not too young. They're just cool tights. {Pretty Polly "Pretty Dotty" Tights, $25.}


  1. Technically I'm supposed to be on break from the internet right now... but I'm cheating! I'm wondering how the Eberjey panties fit? According to their size chart I'm about an inch too small at my waist and hips for their smallest size (24 inch waist, 33-34 inch hips). Based on your experience do you think I could fit their smallest size? Their size chart is saying their smallest size fits a 25-27" waist and 35-37" hips, so it doesn't look too hopeful :/ But they look so full of comfy!

  2. Wow... Love the color of that hoodie!! Brilliant


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