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Blogger Question: Travel Help!

Ahhh, I've been waiting to break this news on the blog for the longest time and it's finally December! SO, earlier this autumn, Zack's Dad called us up and completely surprised us for a week-long cruise on the Danube river!!! His parents have been married for 25 years (Congratulations, Steve & Liz!) and they generously decided they'd like to celebrate over the holidays with their family. We'll be embarking in Nuremberg, Germany around Christmas and concluding the trip in Budapest, Hungary right before the New Year. The anticipation is killing me; I'm so excited!

European readers, fellow bloggers, and international world travelers, please advise me! Any recommendations for what to pack? Eat? Visit? Buy? And, on that note, does anyone have a suggestion for where to find full bust lingerie? In addition to Nuremberg and Budapest, we'll be stopping in Melk, Passau, and Regensburg. 

(First image, Travel and Leisure. Second image, Viking River Cruises.)

P.s. Our ship will be the Viking "Freya"!! 


  1. Oh my goodness, how wonderful! That is so exciting, and it looks unimaginably beautiful! Have such an amazing time!

    1. Thanks, Sweets! I've really enjoyed reading about your once-in-a-lifetime trip too.

  2. You will have so much fun, I'd like to take a trip like that!
    First off, Germany is a bra wasteland but there is a Change in Nuremberg, which you can check out. I don't know if you are familiar with them but they are a Scandinavian chain store that produces up to a K cup. However, as many continental lingerie brands, they don't do double letters, except DD.
    A store I'd like to wholeheartedly recommend is Dessousis in Neumarkt, They carry lots of brands and sizes and are very knowledgable and nice. It's a 45 minutes drive from Nuremberg and the town itself is quite cute.
    If you are in Nuremberg, you can't miss the Christmas market, it can be quite overpowering, but most of my friends from abroad, who haven't been, were quite smitten with it. If you are into history, and in fact even if you are not, I recommend going to the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände and/or the Justizpalast. The later deals with the Third Reich in General and the Justizpalast hosts a permanent exhibition on the Nuremberg Trials. The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is only worth your time if you are into classical museums and history and I don't remember if they translate everything into English.
    I have been their for a 3 days a few years back, so I can't give any supersecret recommendations on restaurants or excellent deals, but we used and tripadvisor and we were fine.
    Hope that helps.

    1. MiaRose, thanks for this information! In fact, I'm a huge history nerd (it's what I got my undergraduate degree in) so I'll definitely want to check out the museums while I'm there.
      Change sounds interesting and I've heard of them, but they don't have much info online. It's good to hear that they go up to a K-cup!

  3. Oh! Nuernberg (as Germans write, well, with the Umlaut)....Christmas Market is a must, but you already know that.

    Regensburg is just a lovely city.2000 years old. Again, I think you will love the architecture and just taking in the christmas spirit.

    You can buy absolutely lovely wooden christmas decorations on the markets...they are wonderful and last forever.

  4. Budapest, visit the central market, and have food on the upper deck food stalls. Great fun.



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