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Full Bust Bra Review: Claudette En Dentelle Intense

In the past year, Claudette has emerged as a lingerie juggernaut. Available from Journelle to Urban Outfitters, their Dessous collection has proved popular with several different size profiles. In that respect, they're remarkably unique too. All of their lines will extend to a G-cup in the Spring 2013 collection, they're debuting 28" bands next year, and their styles can be purchased by anyone between an A and G cup. Claudette also offers their core styles in colorways that are sure to suit various tastes. For instance, the En Dentelle is available in a feminine white/light blue colorway and the "Intense" which is much more modern or dramatic. I'm a big fan of lingerie-as-outwear and I find Claudette bras practically beg to be styled as an element of an outfit. The Neon Green/Black version is timely too, wouldn't this gothic colorway make a fantastic part of a Halloween costume?

Tragically, the fit was a little off for me. I'm a half cup addict and this demi bra was at the top of MUST TRY list, but the shape didn't turn me into the gorgeous model above. I filled out the middle of the cups and the bottom, but the top of cups, near my armpits, gaped slightly. Since my breast tissue was pushing out the center gore, I'm not sure if I would've preferred a smaller cup. My breasts are full in the center so very few bras lay totally flat there. Unfortunately, I also found that the 30" band was true to size. Some tighter 30" bands fit me perfectly, but the Claudette was closer to a Freya band than some Parfait. But that's alright too, it gives me more to look forward to in the Spring when the smaller bands debut!

Since this bra didn't gel with my boobs, I'm guessing that it would work for someone who didn't have a similar shape or required opposite elements from their lingerie. I usually like narrow wires, small center gores, and a marginalized side support panel. Three part plunges or deep cup contour styles tend to fit the best. Therefore, if those statements don't hold true in your experience, I'd highly recommend the Claudette En Dentelle Intense. I'd also suggest sizing down, if you are in between band sizes. This bra also might work if you're someone that experiences "East-West" projection issues. Instead of forcing your breast tissue front and center, the En Dentelle cradles it gently and in the sexiest way possible!

 I'm really looking forward to seeing how Claudette develops in the future. They're Neon Dessous bras were so popular throughout the summer and I've noticed a real influx of hot bright shades on the full bust market since their success. I also wonder if Claudette's approach will usher in a new era of size inclusion. It's wonderful and refreshing that I could try the same bra as my B and C cup friends!

 Side notes:
  1. I didn't get to sample the matching panty in the set so I can't speak to the fit or look, but they're damn cute. Two words: REMOVABLE GARTERS.
  2. Construction wise, the band closed with three hook and eyes. The straps were partially adjustable.
Claudette En Dentelle Intense in Neon Green/Black, c/o Claudette

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  1. Great review! I've yet to try a Claudette bra, but have been hearing different things about the fit (about possibly needing to up a band or cup size, etc). So this review was really helpful. Love your blog, by the way. Just found your blog for the first time, and I've spent most of the day reading it. I spent most of my life thinking I was a D cup and wearing a too-tight bra and recently found out during a fitting that I'm a DD cup. So I feel like I'm on a new adventure of finding lingerie that fits well and works with my body. Thanks for all of your posts, very knowledgeable and fun to read :)


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