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Saint Bustier Launches Exclusive Preview

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shop boob-friendly pieces from multiple vendors on one site? Walking through any mall or high street, it's easy to realize that there are tons of curve-flattering options out there. Unfortunately, for every garment that perfectly skims the bust, there are ten that strain, gape, and oddly mangle up top. It's enough to make any stylish lady pull her hair out in frustration! I've been reduced to retail tears of dejection on more than one occasion from the overwhelming number of options that simply for my lady areas.

Saint Bustier, a new U.K.-based online boutique, aims to change all that. Their mission is to source and curate a selection of on-trend and bust-accommodating styles. They'll provide their own model's measurements, suggestions for fit and fabric flexibility, and sell more generous cuts from their vendors. Beyond basic blouses, they'll have a variety of work suits, knitwear, and special occasion dresses. Gemma Holmes, the director and buyer, summarizes her business perfectly:

“As chest-blessed girls ourselves, we find it incredible that fashionable labels ignore up to one in ten women in the UK. We want to give fellow busty ladies everywhere the opportunity to celebrate their curves in fashion that fits and that is easy to find. We took our time cherry picking the most flattering styles from great brands which work for D through to H cups, and providing honest information about how they look on. We give as much information as we can in order to save our customers’ time and to help them feel secure in their choices. Saint Bustier is a personal fashion crusade for us so we also provide a Fashion Advice service where we give one-to-one fit and style tips.”

If your interest isn't already peeked, take a gander at these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos Saint Bustier sent over:

Right now, Saint Bustier is allowing in-the-know ladies to sign up for an exclusive early launch. The website will go live for those on the contact list Thursday, October 11th at midnight (GMT) or Wednesday October 10th at 8pm (EDT). On Friday, the website will debut for the general public. If you'd like to enjoy the preview access, you can sign up here. You'll be in good company; I'll be counting down the minutes until the boutique "opens" (two words: PAISLEY dress).

If you want more: You can follow Saint Bustier on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for sneak peeks and up-to-date announcements.


  1. Did you sign up already, June? I'm not sure if they ship to South America...

  2. We do indeed ship to south america! Thanks so much for the great piece x


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