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Parfait Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

Last Wednesday, I attended a press event held by Rich PR, the firm that represents Parfait by Affinitas (among other amazing brands). I got a sneak peek at the Spring styles which will debut next year, as well as a few pieces that are available for the fall. However, before I get all opinionated, I wanted to thank the lovely ladies who held the event. Consider the facts: I couldn't manage to get the door open twice, was 15 minutes late, and a hot sweaty mess, but they were gracious and generous all the way.

Angelina (Autumn/Winter 2012)

I'm starting off this post with the dark horse of the entire line. PINK. With brown! It's a bold move, for any apparel market, but I'm coming down on the side of Parfait on this one. I think it works. While I wouldn't assume it's a colorway that would suit everyone (blondes?), I've always gravitated to these shades to complement my warm undertone skin and brunette features. As Danielle at the event reminded me, it's also one of the only designs that feature fun polka dots. The lace throughout is very delicate too, which makes the brown less overwhelming in person. However, if you prefer your lingerie a notch less bold, there's always the slightly more traditional black and silver combination:

Leslie (A/W 2012)

I go bananas for leopard, but in my old age, my animal print preferences have become quite picky (No snake or giraffe for this gal.). I like my cat prints as classic as possible, which is what appeals to me about the Leslie. It's straightforwardly and unabashedly retro with the red bows, a high waist brief option, and chunky black trim. Leslie takes me back to a time when women wore lipstick and hosiery every day and I like it. Happily, Leslie is an Autumn/Winter baby so you can get your Joan on right now.


Madeline is already available in the Dark Grape and Black colorways, but Parfait will be going deeper with this line in the Spring with a gorgeous Ivory/Nude. This collection has already been featured here on Miss Underpinnings so I'm delighted the brand is investing in it. The Spring colorway is a perfect "sexy everyday" style, with lots of sheer pieces (including a bikini, high waist brief, wire bra, and wire camisole) in a completely innocent shade.


Alright, the blogger honesty policy is officially in effect: Of all the Parfait designs, I was least excited about the Arabella. I'm on board for longlines anytime, but after the market shows, many bloggers seemed particularly enthusiastic about this group. My reaction was a little "Meh?". It looked cute, don't get me wrong, but it didn't have the same draw as some of the other new sets from Parfait. Then, I saw it in person and the Arabella charmed the pants off me (not literally!). For the ladies who love monochrome, there's the funky contrast and a pink/raspberry colorway for girly girls.

Seriously though, haven't you met someone and been like, "geez I'm not into them!" and then, after the first impressions wear off, you can't get enough of that person? Hopefully that's not just indecisive, over opinionated moi. Anyhoo, the Arabella's adorable. I was also shocked that I preferred the look of the Balconet Bra to the Wire Bralette. If you know my lingerie taste at all, that's not how I roll. But the cups on the padded bra contain tons of intricate detail that look like constellations:

Of the entire Spring line, the Cassandra stood out. While I love Parfait, I'm not drawn to sequins and gems so the more glamorous feeling of their line has never swayed me. However, the Cassandra feels like a whole new side of Parfait. It's a feminine, sophisticated, and classic collection with lovely touches that amp up its appeal. The folded-over bows, the tiniest little ruffle throughout the cups, and the thicker straps on the balconet are all understated features that come together to provide a mature, thoughtful design.


For bridal, my pick would be the new Florence collection. Like the name suggests, this line is sweetly old fashioned and modest. There's complex detail through the netting fabric and removable garters on the bodysuit and panty below. I predict the high waist brief's side ruching is ultra flattering too:


Has anyone watched Deadwood? I'm the biggest fan of that show and the Lola reminded me of that era. It has a very burlesque-inspired vibe which would fit right in with the ruffled petticoats, chockers and stockings that appeared on the show. Or, if you're into steam punk, it would be a fantastic visible-lingerie styling piece.


From the moment I saw photographs of the Danielle set this summer, I was smitten. What can I say? White lace, muted pink, and buttons are the quickest way to my heart.  If you're into feminine and antique elements, then the Danielle will capture your attention too. Online shoppers take note: the color is tricky to capture, but absolutely gorgeous. It comes off looking a little shinier than it actually is in Parfait's images. In person, it's a rich shade and the pleating through the apex of the cup is more prominent. I'm also ecstatic that the company included split straps on both the longline and the padded bra.

What are you most looking forward to from Parfait's new collection? Clearly, I'm really anticipating the Danielle and the Cassandra. Have you ever had a piece of lingerie "grow on you"? Are you looking forward to more longlines? Let's discuss in the comments...


  1. Well jeez, I may just have to give Parfait a try and see just how tight their 30's are, because some of this stuff is amazing! I'm particularly smitten with Madeline and Cassandra, but I'm also mighty curious to see how their underwired bralettes fit.

  2. Ooh, this is all so lovely! I always have major lust for Parfait/Affiniitas even though I'm out of their size range, and posts like this certainly don't help! ;)


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