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Happy October!

Here on Miss Underpinnings, October is shaping up to be a stellar month. I've got a strong editorial calendar planned and a few new things in the works that I hope everyone will like. If you'd like a preview, these are a few things up my sleeve:

  • Lingerie reviews: Of course, I love doing these! However, this month I've had the opportunity to try out samples from a few brands I'm unfamiliar with, including Miss Mandalay and Parfait by Affinitas. I'm very, very impressed so far.

  • Specifically sized clothing and custom measurement items: This is an area of full bust blogging that I haven't completely dived into, but I'm excited to explore it and share my findings with you.

  • More videos: With such an enthusiastic response from my last video, I wanted to continue with this format. How would everyone feel about a "Hits & Misses" list for the top 5 full bust brands? I've totally ripped this off from the Youtube make up goddesses, but I thought it'd be just as applicable to bras.

Finally, a bit of a side note: Yesterday, Bras I Hate published this post and it's too good not to share or wait until Friday to link to. If you only read one thing on the Interweb this week, make it this. It's a thoughtful, articulate, and grounded post that I wish I'd written.


  1. Hits and misses sounds like a fairly good read to me :)

  2. Oh phew, that's good to hear! It was a late-night-too-much-Youtube-for-one-girl idea. :)


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