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Full Bust Bra Review: Parfait Tamara Collection

Last month, Sophia Vergara looked lovely on the cover of Allure magazine. Inside the article, she announced she was a 32F and that her size was unusual for non-augmented breasts. While I dispute that particular claim as a 28GG/30G, I'm overjoyed that another celebrity has "come out of the fitting room" as a full bust size. Eva Amurri revealed she wears a 30E in a recent edition of InStyle too. I gotta say, I'd like to give three cheers for the brave ladies who are willing to smash the 34DD-is-the-largest-cup-size-ever myth! Check out how gorgeous Sophia looks in the lingerie-as-outerwear look below:

With the excitement in the air for the Tamara line, Parfait generously sent me the Half Padded and Padded styles to try out. And wowza, both these bras are true boudoir pieces! No wonder Sophia rocked it as well as she did. I'd wear either of these on a romantic date night or to grab my man's attention after a fight (*insert creepy wink here*). These bras are made for seduction! Foolishly, I "test drive" bras on my days off and those days happen to be when I have a mile-long to-do list. I love both these styles, but I felt a little silly wearing them at the laundromat in a ratty old t-shirt. Not quite the setting they deserve...

Parfait Tamara Half Padded

The Half Padded offers fantastic cleavage, without the push-together effect of a padded plunge like the Deco. If you like Curvy Kate's Tease Me or Ewa Michalak's HMs, then you'd probably like the "presented" sex appeal of this Tamara. At Bra and Girl, I like to explain this as "old-fashioned" cleavage and try to evoke Jane Austen adaptations for the appropriate imagery. It's by no means the most secure or compact look, but that's never really what I'm going for when I turn to a special bra like this one. I was also impressed by the split strap on this model. I adore this feature, but it's something I rarely see on full bust bras. Design wise, I enjoyed the lace sections too. I'm going to betray how ignorant I am of lingerie vocabulary, but the lace has an unfinished edge. I mean, it's finished, but it has these little lines that jut out. Does anyone know what that is called? Anyhoo, it's very glamorous to my clearly untrained eyes.

As I listed above, I did try the 30G since Parfait doesn't produce 28" bands yet. I was very happy with my firmness of the band however and wouldn't want a smaller fit. In the cups, I was nervous at first that it was too small. I've had this happen before though, with the Showgirl line and the Ewa Michalak demis. During the initial try-on, my boobs are like, "It's not happening, we're jumping out!" and then, the top panel stretches or I settle in...suddenly, the bra and I are getting along like old friends. I've learned that while the half cup look isn't perfect on me, it's not a bra style I have to avoid at all costs either.

Parfait Tamara Padded

Before the bras arrived, I was confident that I knew which one I'd prefer. The Half Padded seemed like such a unique style and I had already spent months lusting over it. However, when the package appeared on my doorstep and I slipped on the Padded, I gasped. It's phenomenal! I was flabbergasted since I tend to avoid contour bras at all costs. They seem less "special" or feminine and I'm obnoxiously picky about how moulded/contoured they are. It's a little difficult to see in my photos, but the Tamara Padded is sweetly detailed. It has the same lace consistency of the Half Padded through the top panel of the cups, the side straps, and the band. In terms of shape, I experienced a lovely and subtle lift from the construction. It's definitely one of those bras you put on and think, "Wow, my boobs look awesome today!".

I'm over the moon about this bra. For a padded style, I think it really delivers a punch of sexiness and sophistication. The only drawback? If you're short waisted or your breasts sit high on your chest, it wouldn't be my first recommendation. I know some full bust women are irritated by bras that have high wires or larger support panels and while this bra doesn't have those features, the gorgeous lace strap detailing did rub slightly against my armpit area. However, I've grown accustomed to wearing narrow wires (ala Freya & Ewa Michalak) so it could've been the unfamiliar shape of Parfait/contour cups that threw me off. I might use a little fabric softener on the thicker end of the straps.

Side notes:

  • Parfait is a brand I love to support. They're one of the first lingerie companies to offer a wide selection of bustiers, camisoles, and babydolls to this size profile. If you're on the look out for a bridal gift, a wired top, or a honeymoon item, I'd recommend them first. They definitely think outside of the box for their full bust customers.

  • While I like the gem center gore detail on the Tamaras, I eventually managed to scratch myself on it (I'm a clumsy bra twister - don't tell anyone!) so I might cut the little do-dad off. It feels like lingerie sacrilege, but I'm not convinced these smoking bras "need" those extras.

  • SHEER CROTCH. Holy hell, it's a scandalous panty! Even my poor impervious-to-lingerie-because-he's-seen-it-all boyfriend noticed the matching briefs.

Tamara Half Padded and Padded, c/o Parfait by Affinitas


  1. It's called eyelash lace, and it's one of my favorite design details for underpinnings or otherwise!

  2. It's NOT. That's ridiculously adorable. And you're right, I want it on everything now.

  3. Gorgeous! I've been lusting after the bustier of this ever since I first saw it - I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful piece of lingerie that (almost) comes in my size. But Parfait is the one brand that really makes me understand how difficult it is for you guys in the US when so many full bust brands are British - it's only recently I've been able to buy any Parfait here and I've not seen the Tamara available anywhere. For now I'll just admire from afar!
    Did you find the two styles fit similarly?

  4. I hate eyelash lace :( Always looks unfinished to me. But those bras are beautiful. I like both of them.

    Also 32F is rare for breasts that aren't augmented? Haha whatever. Sophia clearly still doesn't actually understand bra sizing properly. My 32F boobs beg to differ.

  5. I have the Allure Mag above and I thought it was awesome. I get excited when celebs give their bra size, when its a 32 and under and D and up. Mainly because in most department stores right now you can't get 32 /30 under an A or B and forget 28/26/24..
    I think Sofia meant in Hollywood, many actresses have been augmented with small bandsizes, so she and others like her that are over a DD and in a 32 or under band and natural.

    I like the Parfait Tamara Padded, it looks very good.

  6. Eyelash lace :D very in-vogue nowadays for innerwear as well as outerwear.... even here in India :)
    Just a question though, will the contour of this lace show from over a very clingy t shirt? because that's a big no-no for me.


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