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DD+ Outfit: Sick Girl

Internal conversation time! Question: Can you tell I have a cold? Answer: Yes. Question: How? Answer: You're dressed like you're wrapped up in bedding.

You know that stereotype that men become giant babies when they have the slightest cold? It's not just men! This weekend, I was the whiniest, most pitiful creature. After days of hearing me moan about the slightest sore throat, my boyfriend finally said, "Oh boo, you don't handle being sick very well, do you?". Ladies, I've been found out.

I felt this outfit was a fantastic compromise: I'm clothed, but my layers felt like blankets. I also thought this look was half hot bohemian mama and half pirate which is a combination I can never get enough of. The dress is a remix from this post and the sweater is a hand-me-down from my Mom that I can't. stop. wearing. Quite literally, if you've seen me in the last two months, I was most definitely wearing this sweater.

**For fun today and because he BEGGED to have his photograph taken and because I've been the biggest pain in the ass over the hint of a cold, here's this kid:

Me: Sweater: my Mom| Dress: Goodwill| Tights: Berkshire Hosiery #8040| Boots: Urban Outfitters (old)

Him: Shirt: Territory Ahead|Jacket: Marshall's |Jeans: Levi's|Sneakers: Asics (old)|Purse: mine

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