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Autumn Lingerie Wishlist

1) Midnight Grace Paige Italian Lace Set: I first saw sneak peaks of this set on Figleaves' Instagram account. My inquisitive lingerie mind immediately went, "Ohhhhhh...what's that?!". Turns out, it's my new best friend, the Paige. The color combination above -- plum with gold -- is to die for, without even mentioning all the other unique details that the bra boasts. C'mon, when was the last time the full bust market saw a bra with lace side scalloping up the strap and partial semi-sheer mesh cups?

2) Knickerocker Retro Style Panelled Panty: Holly, of the Full Figured Chest, is a big fan of the high waist panties from Knickerocker and I'm enthusiastically jumping on this bandwagon! If you have a small waist and wide hips, even the cutest high waist styles never seem to fit properly. With this Etsy store, you can request a custom size so there's no more strange tummy gaping. Bonus? Her designs are kitschy, fun, and completely affordable. Yellow and pink flowers? Gotta get me a pair.

3) Cleo Hazel: From the Panache Press Event, this set was the surprise for me. I was giddily anticipating Cleo's Autumn/Winter collection, but hadn't predicted that the Hazel would be my #1 pick from the entire line. Trust me, there's a lot to get excited for here: a half padded design, tons of strong colors woven into the top cup, and sophisticated grey-black animal print. It hasn't debuted at any of my favorite retailers yet, but keep your eyes peeled for this dark horse.

4) Claudette Dessous Sucre in Animal Print: I'm all about the cheetah print, ladies. If it's reminiscent of a large feline, count me in. I'm also a supporter of the idea that leopard is a neutral. This particular animal print gets my vote for it's soft classic tones, sheer sex appeal and pink accent trim.

5) Miss Mandalay Amelie: This bra debuted out of nowhere on Miss Mandalay's Facebook page and since then, I've been compulsively checking their website for it's retail premiere. I refuse to let this beauty slip through my grasp! From what I gather via their social media pages, the Amelie was a bra that the company has produced before and decided to return to, after enormous customer demand. Personally, I think it's the epitome of fall lingerie: exquisite lace, sophisticated boudoir colors, and a seductive design. It's what the autumn collections are all about!

6) Bravissimo Satine Floral: It's not going to come as a big shock to anyone who's read my blog that I'm obsessed with this version of the Satine. I'm pretty proud of my self control; I was able to include just two floral patterns on this wishlist! Go me. While the Knickerocker panty above (#2) is cheeky, the Bravissimo flowers are strikingly unique and vintage inspired. They're big, bold flowers that sit on a mink base and are accented with navy trimmings. I don't remember ever seeing a bra quite like this confident number.

7) Parfait Madeline: Passing the Parfait booth last February at Curve, I saw this colorway of the Madeline out of the corner of my eye. This mauve shade is one of my favorite colors ever so that Parfait has turned into a gorgeous set with matching high waist briefs makes my heart skip a beat.

8) Freya Gem in China Blue: Okay, this one's a little bit of a mystery to me. I don't even like blue lingerie! It's never been a color I thought suited me and I'd rather take classic red, black, or pink set any day. However, there's something going on with this "China" shade that's got me all in a tizzy. The Gem is set to be a continuity collection with Freya going into 2013 and I'm happy to see the range expand into basic colors, but I just can't shake this color's je ne sais qoui charm.

9) Ohhh Lulu High Waist Panties: If a pair of panties could be a soulmate, these high waist knickers from Ohhh Lulu would be mine. They're playfully feminine, intricately detailed and undeniably old school. Don't you know that feeling when you stumble upon a design that just speaks right to you? Hopefully, that's not just me being a weirdo...Alright, back to the facts: For a single pair they're $35, made to your specific measurements, and you can opt to purchase 3 for $80. That comes out to roughly $26.67 for a beautiful custom panty! Unbelievable.


  1. Cleo is killing my bank account with these cute designs they keep putting out. Seriously.

  2. HA! I'm with you there. I might have to write them a letter: Dear Cleo, could you please design something ugly? My wallet would appreciate it. Sincerely, Cece.

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  4. Cleo Hazel was recalled due to fit issues. I tried to order one from the Bravissimo catalog and they gave me this sad news :(


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