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DD+ Outfit: Maxi. Found.

You guys, I finally found it! $12. The clearance rack in the Juniors' section at TJ Maxx. I almost screamed in the dressing room when it fit over my boobs. Now, I'm the proud owner of my very first maxi dress:

Dreams do come true. More than my discovery, I love when I find something new and take it home, only to find out it happens to match a bunch of my favorite things (cue my marigold sweater). Isn't that one of the greatest shopping feelings? Also, I want to marry this weather. It's like Massachusetts has one foot in autumn and one foot in summer. Although I'll always be up for basking in the heat like a reptile, I think this is my favorite time of year. Everything feels new and there's tons of stuff in the upcoming months I'm excited about: apple cider, Halloween decorations, pumpkin pie, waking up in warm blankets on a chilly morning, boots. I'm getting psyched just thinking about it.

Ladies, do you like the autumn? Tell me in the comments what you're most excited about wearing this fall! I'm thinking of putting together a Pinterest board for the season. Also - do you still shop in the Junior's section? Is there a cut-off age for things like that? I felt a little embarrassed and most of the stuff I found there didn't agree with my, ahem, womanly dimensions. I also felt like ducking down when an actual "junior" walked by. Oh, the shame.

Dress: TJ Maxx| Sweater: J.Crew (old, my Mom's)|Watch: CVS|Sunglasses: Big Y|Flats: H&M


  1. First off, LOVE that dress. Maxis were my go-to for summer dresses this year.

    Autumn is my absolute favorite.

    I am particularly excited about wearing cable knit sweaters. I don't know why, as I've never been a sweater person before, but I cannot wait.

    Love Massachusetts. I've only ever been once (this past June), but I enjoyed it greatly. Except for the terrible cost of parking in downtown Boston.

  2. Your dress is pretty, purple is one of my favorite colors and 12.00- thats fab !. Don't duck in the jr section, be happy. I shop in the little girls section, even with my bust measurements, and they fit.
    With dresses, I really like this style

    I like sweater dresses

    Autumn colors.Lleaves, trees, golds, reds, greens. The smells of autumn Oct is around the corner and Halloween candy lol and then the holidays. :D

  3. Autumn is my favourite season as well! Followed by Winter... I like the cold seasons! Not just because of the temperatures though, I love the smells of autumn. It smells a bit damp, kind of muddy, and crisp. I love it!

    I'm probably most excited for my tea to actually warm me up again, instead of making me feel too warm because of the heat. Also, bundling up in warm scarves and sweaters. I find that much more comfortable than dressing for heat.


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