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Full Bust Review: Masquerade Delphi

Behold, the Delphi! Named after the city in Greece where an ancient oracle was located, the Delphi is truly a divine creation. The combination below ("sepia/raspberry") belongs to the Spring/Summer 2012 group and there's a gorgeous contrast black/ivory colorway available for this autumn. Like the Persia in Damson from the same collection, I think the golden taupe shade works with my skin tone. Paler colors usually wash me out strangely so it can be challenging to find a so-called "nude" or neutral that flatters against my yellow undertones. Although this bra is billed as a special-occasions piece, I'll definitely wear it under white sweaters and blouses through the autumn and winter.

Regarding the fit, the cups were ideal. With many styles I've tried recently, I've noticed I'm exactly in-between. Not quite one size, but not quite the next either. No such problem with the Delphi; the cups were a spot-on 28GG. Masquerade has a reputation among bloggers for churning out firm bands, which held true for the Delphi as well. The band was noticeably firmer than my new Cleo by Panache bra.

I've been ignorantly avoiding thicker shoulder straps since I started the blog. They remind me of the bras I wore as a teenager, back when I was shopping at the Maidenform outlet and believed I was a 34D (Ha!). When pretty bras pop up on my 'lingerie radar' with these straps, part of me wonders: "But, whhhhhyyy?!". Even after seeing the Delphi's gorgeous embroidery in person, I felt that the straps were awfully padded...then I put it on. And promptly ate my words. They're ridiculously, miraculously, unbelievably comfortable!!! I'm squarely on the fat-strap-bandwagon.

I was a Masquerade devotee long before the Delphi arrived on my doorstep, but this bra has only converted me further. I shouldn't leave out the briefs! The matching brief had a sexy tanga construction, with the whole bum portion made out of this cool "bubble-hemmed" mesh. If you like the look of this beaut or it's autumnal sister, grab it up. In the Spring/Summer 2013 Masquerade collection, there were some truly stunning sets, but no new Delphi colorways.


  1. Spring/Summer 2013 has no new Delphi? Sad! I have the AW 2011 one and need to post my review- it's a gorgeous piece!

  2. I can't wait to read your review! And yes, no new Delphis (it's such a classic piece! boo/hiss), but TONS of great new things. Promise!


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