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Friday Favorites

This morning, I feel as if I owed you guys a Friday Favorites post. SO MUCH has happened in the full bust blogging world that I haven't been able to catch up on, until now. I woke up thinking I'd post on dresses, but then I realized there's so much new stuff a float that it'd be a shame to skip!  Also, can you believe it's Labor Day weekend?! Where did this summer go...and when will it be autumn (I love the fall in New England, it's like living in a novel!)? Before all the leaves change, here's some flowers:

The first thing I want to discuss is: new bloggers!! Since I read lingerie blogs daily, I'm always psyched to see new full bust blogs in the mix. Everyone has such a unique voice, it's wonderful to discover their view on boobs, bras, etc. Here are my favorites (please tell me in the comments if I've missed anyone!):

Sweet Nothings NYC: First of all, it's worth reading ALL of Sweets' posts because her voice is hilarious and easy going, even if you're not a cat lover or enthusiastic baker. Reading her blog is like sitting in the kitchen of an old friend, as she tells you her pee-in-your-pants-funny take on all your favorite things.  I've reread her posts on shapewear and hourglass wardrobe options multiple times.

Fussy Busty: At the store, I work with women who are fuller busted and plus size. I've often wondered, why isn't there a good blogging option for them out there? In the intimates apparel industry, there seems to be tremendous growth for this size profile too. Sculptress, a new Panache plus line, is set to come out soon and the Elomi collections get stronger each season. I think Nicole does a wonderful job filling that blogging void for 38/40+ bands and GG+ cups.

Undiegamer: Beware, if you read Windie's blog, she'll get in your head! Hours after I read her review of the Miss Mandalay Paige, I ordered the Lemon/Vanilla colorway from Bravissimo. Is that mind control or what?! I like that Windie tackles brands that don't get as much attention. In addition to Miss Mandalay, she has a Mimi Holliday review up. I also really enjoy her fresh/offbeat topics, like whether putting on make up is a personal decision or how lingerie preferences can change over time.

A few other things...

Bras I Hate wrote an article on the getting-to-know-your-boobs questionnaire on I've got to say, I had a similar reaction!

The new Bravissimo collection comes out on Monday. Are you as excited as I am!?

Speaking of new happenings on the horizon, has anyone checked out the Russian-based DD Atelier? They say they're for the busty and trendy...and I'll definitely be buying this shirt. I can't wait for the launch of their English language site!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend, ladies!


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me here! It's so flattering because I was reading your blog long before I started blogging myself. I keep being surprised people are even reading my blog, so when I see my name pop up somewhere I can't help but feel like, "NOWAY. THIS IS SO COOL."

    Thanks a lot! :D

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! I feel exactly like Windie does (in her comment above). I just started my blog in July, and I am so surprised by how much people have recognized my point of view. I feel truly special and blessed!

    I hope to continue to share a relevant POV for plus sized, full bust women!

  3. I was so surprised by the shout-out! Thank you so much. I love reading your blog, and I hope you have a glorious weekend!

  4. I had a quick poke around in Google for some info on DD Atelier. I found their size guide: Seems like they only accommodate up to a G cup. Not sure how accurate that is though.

    You can also have a bit of a look around their English site (no prices on anything sadly) using that link.


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