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I'm Obsessed: Mysterious, Ethereal, Dreamlike

Since this unforgettably humid summer began, my pop culture and style preferences have fallen in with the dreamlike and mysterious. I've been attracted to anything that seems like it could've come from a fairy tale. Realism? That's for the suckers with air conditioned apartments, I'm living in the fantastical.

I had the feeling that I had to read this book, before I knew what it was about. Occasionally, I'll walk into a bookstore and feel intuitively that I'll fall in love with a book. Does anyone ever get that? The Night Circus didn't disappoint. I was 100% engrossed in it during 4th of July weekend. Like it's main characters, it's absolutely magical and it'll pull you into a world totally it's own. After I finished it, I was surprised that such a simple story could possess such a strong grip. I should check my fingers for unexplained ring-shaped scars...

Olana was the residence and studio of Frederic Edwin Church, a major member of the Hudson River School. His landscapes, including those of the surrounding area, are lush and romantic. Recently, Mr. Underpinnings and I went to there on a day off and were mesmerized by the Persian style architecture of the exterior, the intricate stencils in the interior, and the countless hand crafted details embedded in every fireplace and doorway. Olana gave us the distinct impression it had majestically floated out of another, far away world.
Drink: Sweet Thai Delight by Yogi

I know, it's a goofy name. But, trust me, for $4 this concoction will work a beguiling spell on your taste buds. It's delightfully sweet, without any sugary additives. It's textured and full, without any heavy or overpowering ingredient. It's also the only hot beverage I've been enjoying while it's 98 degrees out. Question: Could it have been brewed by mythical creatures? Answer: Quite possibly.

At some point during my (ridiculously impressionable) childhood, I got my hands on The Complete Book of Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker. It was one of my treasured possessions and I'd spend hours studying the illustrations. The Ewa Michalak HM Finezja is very "Flower-Fairy-all-grown-up" and if that doesn't explain my current lingerie perspective, I don't know what does. While everyone is off buying racerbacks and contour strapless bras, I'm after the elfin details above. Queen Mab would go crazy for this set's ruffled band, center gore pom poms, and vine embroidery.

Do you know that feeling when you wake up and remember only inconsistent fragments of your dreams? Or, you'll be going about your day and suddenly, you get a hazy flash of an image from the night before? That's what the song "Oblivion" by Grimes makes me think of. The video is full of surreal groupings and Grimes herself looks like a changeling, but it's the first time she coos "see you on a dark night" that convinces me that this music must've traveled from the supernatural side.

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