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Full Bust Review: Chantelle C Chic Sexy 3-Part Plunge

As a fitter and lingerie blogger, I feel obligated to invest in only the best fitting bras. I try not to indulge in anything less than the very best fit. But then, Chantelle released a full busted option in the C Chic Sexy line and made it available in a 30G. See ya later, willpower!

Before the plunge bra debuted this summer, I've had an unhealthy obsession with the Chantelle C Chic Sexy Demi. It was the first bra I saw on a client, but with European sizes from 32-38 B-F, there was no way it would work its French magic on me. When I saw that the 3-Part Cup would arrive in a more inclusive size range, I jumped at the chance to try a 30G/30DDDD. Generally, I prefer the English sizing system over the European and I have not found the methods to be equivalent. With the Chantelles I've tried before, the 30G (or 4D) was a tad small whereas the 30H (5D) was too big. According to the tag, the French 30H is a U.K. 30FF which is still an entire cup size lower than what I usually take. As I suspected, the 30G is fractionally small. Luckily, with this deep plunge shape, I'm able to squeeze by with a little spillage.

In the design department, the C Chic Sexy 3-Part Plunge gets top marks. This type of bra -- sheer, classic, black -- is currently my favorite, but the glamorous details take it to the next level. I'm completely enamored with the pleated straps, rhinestone charm, and the scalloped edge trim. The designers at Chantelle have done a wonderful job of taking these intricate pieces and fusing them into one elegant, sophisticated style. Unlike other lingerie brands where one visual element (like fabric or embroidery) accounts for the majority of the design perspective, Chantelle's collections are carefully crafted and thoughtful. It's the whole construction, rather than a singular piece of interest, that makes this bra so special.

Side notes:

  • With Chantelle bras, I've felt the cups are fairly wide set. This makes the spillage on my larger side a little more obvious, but it's great for ladies who have more natural space between their breasts.

  • The band fit true to size. Not as snug as Panache/some Ewa Michalak nor as loose as Freya.

  • I wasn't expecting the side and bottom portions to be opaque. Once I wore it, I was relieved since those sections add fantastic nip coverage. If you're looking for a totally see-through number, you'd be better off with the Freya Lyla.

  • It's silly, but the logo fabric?! You know that "C" stands for Cece!

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