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DD+ Outfit: Easy Peasy

Wow, it's hot out. I'm actually a HUGE fan of summer and all the sticky, humid weather that comes with it, but my mindset when I get dressed changes dramatically with the temperatures. Lately, I've looked at my closet and asked, "How little can I wear without being arrested?". I want breezy, easy pieces that work together seamlessly. Enter this tee and jeans.

Last fall, I ordered these jeans but they ended up being too lightweight to wear as it got chillier. Fast forward nine months, they're the perfect thing for overly air conditioned spaces. The bag is a similar discovery. I've had it forever and only realized a few days ago that it goes with everything I've been wearing lately.

{tee: urban exchange (northampton, ma)|jeans: madewell|bag: urban|wedges: nine west|bra: freya faye}


  1. The print on the top makes it look textured, like seersucker. Very nice.

  2. The beautiful girl! Beautiful photos! All super! My name Evgeny, write!


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