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...and we're back!

Alright y'all, I'm back! Right before the holiday weekend, I realized I was getting a little, uh, addicted to my gadgets. Although I'm not the savviest social media-er, I was still constantly checking Twitter, Facebook, etc. for recent updates and new announcements. I needed to deplug for a bit. My time sans-24/7 Internet was oddly uneventful (I read a book. I sat in the sun.) but I feel recharged. I confess, I did cheat with Instagram:

To get back into the swing of things, I've got three links to share:

The Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2013 online catalog premiered today.

Freya Lingerie is looking for a blogger!

What do you think of showing your boobs? I've always been scared of topless beaches, but with boyfriends, I've felt like doing a "my-boobs-are-the-best-in-the-world!!!" happy dance.


  1. I rather tan my girls at a nude beach than wear different bikinis and wind up with boobs that look like a half eaten jaw-breaker, which is what usually happens. I live in a beach town so this sort of decision comes up a lot. Anyway, most of the people on those beaches (in my experiences) are respectful of etiquette.

  2. Half eaten jaw breaker! Hahaha, that's hilarious and describes that situation so well.

    I balk at it because nude beaches/topless sunbathing is something I've never done before. I can be oddly shy sometimes.

  3. I'd like to give topless sunbathing a try, but only in a different state or country. In any place too close to home, I'd be afraid to see someone I know, or one of the customers from work. I would feel awkward encountering someone, after I knew they saw my boobs. Lol.
    Also, I can relate to what you said about boyfriends. There's nothing like having a partner that makes you feel like your boobs are appreciated and perfect the way they are.


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