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Full Bust Review: Panache Page Halter Swimsuit

The instant I saw a photo of this swimsuit, I knew it would be mine. I've admired the one pieces from Anthropologie and the Esther Williams' suits on Modcloth for such a long time. I was waiting eagerly for a full bust brand to release a retro-inspired, modest swimsuit. While I love skimpy bikinis as much as the next girl, there are moments when I'd rather not bare it all. Full coverage swimsuits and high-waisted briefs seem "old world" and glamorous in a way I'm definitely inspired by. The Page fits that bill. I want to wear it with cat eye sunglasses, espadrilles, and a big brimmed hat!

The nautical print -- graphic red, white, and blue waves -- couldn't be more chic. I also think the two buttons at the center gore and the block of red trim through the halter section are stellar design additions. I ordered this during a great sale, but at the time, I was unaware that my size had changed. The cups here are clearly too big and I'd be happier with a 30FF. However, since I'm back on my lady pills, I think I'll stick with the 30G above and see how the hormones swing.

In terms of the body of the suit, I was happily surprised that the 30-band fit me so well through the waist and hips. It was a teensy bit loose around my middle, but my hips were perfectly content. I did have to do the "shapewear dance" to get it on and off so if you buy the Page, try it on in private. In the dead of night. With a lot of room for awkward pelvic wiggles. Or you can make the mistake I did and try it on in front of your boyfriend, as he laughs his head off. Hopefully, once I've maneuvered myself into it, I look like some unobtainable movie star and he forgets what he's seen.

Side notes:
  • I found the cups to have quite a bit of depth. Since I unknowingly upsized, this discovery wasn't great for me, but it's a good FYI if you're on the cusp of the size range.

  • The band was firm, by no means as loose as some of my new-ish 28-bands.

  • The bottom is entirely skirted. There's an upper panel (i.e., what you see on the torso) that isn't thoroughly attached to the swimsuit against your skin. It's a bit unexpected and it'll take some getting used to, but it does wonders in the smoothing/flattering department.


  1. This looks so much better on you than it did on me! I really need a 26 band but sometimes size up to a 30 in swimwear due to lack of choice, and this one was too pretty to resist. Unfortunately there was far too much excess material in the body and I felt like wearing a much more revealing bikini would, in fact, be more flattering. Very disappointed that Panache don't make most of their gorgeous swimwear in a 28 back!

  2. Aw, that's too bad! Hopefully, Panache will consider it in the future. They're really leading the way in full bust swimwear!

  3. This swimsuit is insanely flattering on you! I wish I had curvy enough hips to make it look right. With those shoes on, you look like a pinup/glamor movie star from the 1950s!

  4. Aw shucks, thanks Callie! I like to go for the pinup/glamour movie star look as often as I can. Most of the time, it's jeggings and a tunic so it's nice to look like my retro style idols occasionally. :)

  5. Hey Hannah, it's a proper all-in-one! I know that not all the bloggers who reviewed this, fit the body. I'm a US size 4/6 or a UK size 10 and the 30G was a great fit (Ideally, it could've been snugger around my waist, but by no means a bad fit). I hope this helps -- and you don't sound simple at all! :)

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