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Full Bust Bra Review: Curvy Kate Daily Boost

When I went to Zoe and Company in Concord, New Hampshire, I said I was only interested in checking out bras with patterns, lace, or sexy designs. Thus, when I left with the Curvy Kate Daily Boost, my purchase was totally ironic. The Daily Boost is a basic bra in the truest sense of the phrase. Increasingly, I feel as if I don't need nude bras as much as I think I do. I'm happy with my seams, visible colors, and sassy texture. However, I've worn my Daily Boost constantly since I bought it. (Also, please excuse my weird tan lines!) ~

On me, the Daily Boost creates a versatile decolletage. It fits like a plunge contour bra, without the "rolled together effect" of a bra like the Deco or the Ewa Michalak plunges. This fit, the sans-push up plunge, is a great accomplishment. It allows me to wear tops and dresses that don't usually work with any other contour styles. For instance, my "Sookie" dress:

Tada, no "baby's bottom" cleavage! Just minimal coverage for a v-neck. I've noticed that the bras that leave me uncovered must anchor my breast tissue somewhere, usually at the sides. Interestingly, the Daily Boost reminded me of the half cup I reviewed from Bravissimo. To restrict movement, the bra has a larger side than I'd ultimately prefer. I should also disclose: I currently have pretty narrow breasts. Narrow-wire brands, like Freya or Ewa Michalak, leave me happy as a clam. I also realize that this might not always be the case and that many, many full busted women do benefit from the ole side-grab. So far, I've gotten a lot of use out of this bra and the neckline it gives. Plus, how could you resist the adorable contrast trim?

Side notes:

  • With almost any style from Curvy Kate I've tried, I need the larger end of my size. Lately, I've been around a 30FF/28G-GG and I certainly needed the GG here.

  • The cups are relatively shallow on the Daily Boost. I like that, but I do need to adjust myself down into them when I put this bra on in the morning.

  • The band was firm, but "opened up" nicely after a few wears and a wash.


  1. Great review! I do love the idea of this bra - a nude padded bra is a must for every girl's lingerie drawer - but I too found the cups shallow and the wires wide. I have very up front breasts and therefore like you I prefer Ewa Michalak and Freya's cuts. If only this was adjusted a little here and there, it would be perfect! Glad it works for you though :-)

  2. Good review :) I would love to be able to try this bra on. I think it's as ugly as hell (and I actually hate the white contrast trim :P) but I am in dire need of a nude bra that fits! I have a 32E and it just does not do the trick. What is this bra like under clingy fabrics? Are the seams noticeable?

  3. Hahaha, that cracks me up! Nude bras stump me, that's probably why I own so few of them. Under clingy fabrics, I think it does a wonderful job because it's a great thickness/cushion. Having said that, you can see the nude trim! ;) I'll post an outfit pic with it so you can see it in action, Contrary Kiwi.

  4. Thanks, Caroline! I agree with you 100% -- shallow cups & wide wires so it isn't the #1 nude out there for my "up front" shape. However, since I'm close together, I appreciate being "anchored" instead of "rolled together" in a lower cut bra. Hopefully, CK will tweak it in the future though!

  5. I just bought this bra after reading about the correct way to size your bra and the "scoop & swoop" instructions regarding how to wear them as they were designed to be worn. It just blew me away. I'd been torturing myself for years by wearing the TOTALLY wrong size! I was quite angry but then I got this bra and...wellll...I've never uttered the words "awesome" and "bra" in the same sentence. How many large breasted women have?!?! But WOW, the correct size and application makes ALL the difference!

    1. I'm so, so happy you've found a more comfortable fit and a truer full bust size! It changes EVERYTHING, right?!

      Agreed on the "scoop and swoop", before I was a bra fitter, I had NO IDEA that there was a method to putting on a bra. You've got to smooth 'em out and put everything where it should be. :)


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