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Friday Favorites

Good evening, ladies. My Friday Favorites post is coming a tad bit late, but better late than never, right?  I wanted to give an extra thanks to all the lovely commentators who weighed in on the Reader Question article. It was wonderfully supportive and I was blown away by the all the help!

                                                           My current Freya obsession.

I have a feeling I'm going to have a laid back, summer-y weekend. It's Bra and Girl's 3rd birthday this weekend so they'll be mini cupcakes, live music, and a raffle tomorrow! If you're in the area, definitely drop by and say hi. My friend K tells me we'll have the longest days of the year about now so after work, we're planning to lay about in a park, soaking up the PM sunlight. What are you up to?

Cleo, Panache's flirtatious youth brand, announced that they'll be debuting a swim line for Spring/Summer 2013. They've had especially strong designs the last few collections so this is BIG NEWS.

Gossard will also be unveiling a swimwear group!

Hooray! The Invest in Your Chest girls did their first outfit post.

So, so jealous: Sarah from StackDD+ went to Paris and her "What I Wore" pictures are fantastic.

Interesting - How do you feel about large breasts + advertising?

True & Co. doesn't believe my boobs exist (No sizes larger than an American F!). That makes me feel like this  :/

I'm psyched for style coverage on the Full Figured Chest and I'm definitely picking up this little number that Holly recommended on Hourglassy.

Officially inspired: Earlier today, I saw a full bust girl in a simple maxi dress & a denim vest.
Enjoy the long days & short nights! Xoxo.


  1. Have you checked out's fuller bust swim offerings? They even have a link just for us, that says DD+! I've just ordered such a cute,colorful bikini, and it was a lot cheaper than the freya options I usually am restricted to!

  2. Tell me which color you end up getting and how you like it! My second one in mint just got here today and I can't wait to wear it this week. I always love your outfits that you post on here - I'll have to get you to give me some style tips over Skype sometime. :-)

  3. Hey Amber, I've seen those on Asos (Generally, I LOVE Asos - how cool is it to watch the piece on a real runway and get free shipping?!). The DD+ swim styles are adorable too and much more affordable for me, right now. The only drawback is the sizing since they convert the UK cups to the US "equivalent" without really advertising it. The closest cup size they have for me is a 30F, but I was considering getting one anyway and pretending it isn't too small. Hehe. Do tell me how yours works though!

  4. Skyping sounds great! Like I said, more fashion posts on FFC = me fist pumping in excitement. BTW: On Modcloth today, that same dress popped up in a floral print, a red stripe, and a midnight blue. Proof that your taste is impeccable. :)

  5. You are so sweet, Cece!!! Thanks for including me in the roundup...getting pix in now before I surely am sized into muumuus for the last month ;)


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