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Friday Favorites

What a productive week! I took care of appointments that I've put off forever, went to the gym for a swim, and wrote posts like a real blogger (Instead of going on Pinterest, with Netflix on in the background, which is what I call "blogging" most of the time.). This weekend should be fun too -- my sisters are coming home for a visit and my brother's graduating from high school. Family reunion time!  Earlier this week, my corner of Massachusetts had some intense stormy weather. Check out the clouds, it reminds me of the final moments of "A Serious Man":

The Top Ten Star in a Bra contestants have been announced! The second round of voting begins June 13th. Special congratulations to fellow full bust blogger, Brittany, of Thin and Curvy! I can't wait to see their photo shoots...

There seems to be a lot of "fitter frustration" in the blog world so I was psyched to see two posts on happy fittings this week. Here's one from the Full Figured Chest and one from By Baby's Rules.

Don't you love how Modcloth gives specific fitting details on their products? It makes me want to buy any dress that "runs large at the bust".

Words can't describe my love for Keiko Lynn's tights. Since they're sold out, I'll have to pick up these or these or these.

Claire, of Butterfly Collection, got married & she looks gorgeous! Sigh, what a romantic story.

Curvy Kate released a sneak peak of their swimwear collection for Spring 2013. Stripes? Florals? Glam bows? It's all there.

20% off Panache on figleaves.

Wanting this soft pink babydoll.

Did everyone see Mad Men last week? So, so heartbreaking, but most especially when he lounges at her boobs.

To leave off on an upbeat note, this video makes me smile.
Have a relaxing weekend, gals!

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