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DD+ Outfit: Whimsical Pinks

A few nights ago, Zack and I saw the cutest, most whimsical movie on Netflix! It's called Romantics Anonymous, it's French, and it's only about an hour long. The story revolves around these two extremely shy chocolatiers who fall in love and I adored it. This outfit isn't directly inspired by the fashion of the film, but the movie made me think about creating an ensemble that was light hearted, fun and modest.

Do you have streaming Netflix? Mr. Underpinnings and I use HBO Go and Netflix and we've found that's all we really need. Although, I confess, I miss seeing current episodes of the Vampire Diaries and Breaking Bad. I'm a total tv nerd! Has anyone found a quirky film/tv show on Netflix recently? Any recommendations?

{tee: j.crew outlet|shorts: topshop (2009)|shoes: hand-me-downs|bra: fantasie ava}

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