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DD+ Outfit: Happy Birthday, Bra & Girl

Do you guys ever see a trend in a magazine and inwardly groan ("Oh, not this!") ...and then find yourself wearing/loving it two months later? That's been happening a lot to me recently. Neon. Chambray shirts. Wedge sneakers. I see this stuff on celebrities and in magazines and think it all looks ridiculous, but trends grow on me like a fungus. I'm powerless to resist them! Behold the fungi below/what I wore to the store for it's birthday:

I blame my horoscope. I'm an Aquarius. I think that means I'm enthused by the future and generally interested in weird stuff. Anyhoo, the outfit. The reason I've been going on about trends is that the dress has an exposed, neon coral zipper. I'd meant to take a picture that included it, but I spaced. I was inspired to throw in a bunch of brights with the (new!) monochrome dress. Hence the bright lips, toes, sandals, earrings.

{dress & sandals: h&m|bra: ewa michalak pl burgund}


  1. The H&M dress looks great! I'm always thrilled when I find dresses there that have some space for my chest.

  2. I saw this dress and didn't try it on...maybe I should. Looks really cute. :D

  3. Lovely outfit. You look ridiculously cute!

  4. Thanks, Jame! It's funny. Half of H&M dresses I can't squeeze the Gs into, half of them have the perfect amount of space. It's definitely worth a try-on.


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