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DD+ Outfit: All My Favorite Colors

I can't believe that I haven't posted this outfit yet! It's one that I wear almost every week to work and it feels very "Cece". I adore muted colors and flirty, breezy layers so when I discovered this combination a few months ago, I was psyched. Extra points since it exactly matched the colors in my favorite bra, the Freya Beau! I couldn't resist including a little rebellious peekaboo action in the v-neck area. If you're at Bra & Girl in the future and see me in this outfit, don't say I didn't warn you.

Also, I'm wearing pants. Real, legitimate pants! This a bit of a rarity since I find dresses and skirts to be a billion times more comfortable. Jeans and trousers seem to always dig in or sag strangely on me. I also feel super conscious about adjusting them during the day too.  Lately, I've been wearing my jeggings 24/7 and parading around in them, as if they weren't leggings. I know, I know. I'm not supposed to do that, but it makes me feel extra proud of myself when I manage to wear an actual pair of pants.

{blouse & pants: marshall's (old)|wedges: nine west outlet (old)|scarf: gift}


  1. 'Lately, I’ve been wearing my jeggings 24/7 and parading around in them, as if they weren’t leggings. I know, I know'.

    What do you mean? Jeggings aren't leggings! I'm confused.

  2. Oh! When I read girly magazines or watch "What Not to Wear", there always seems to be a discussion of what is and isn't considered pants. Editors and stylists seem to go on about how you shouldn't dare wear leggings or jeggings alone, without some sort of ass covering (like a tunic or short dress). I wear my jeggings and leggings solo. Defying Glamour magazine, one "Don't" at a time! :)

  3. Yeah, maybe it is true that pear shaped people should only wear them as leggings. However, as an 8 shape (kinda a mix between an hourglass and an apple) jeggings are the only pants that don't fall down my butt and hips. So I wear them all the time, but yeah usually with tops that cover the bum area.

  4. Ah! Love! I just posted about scarves and how I used to feel apprehensive/baffled about them with a full bust but am now loving them for dressing the baby belly, and here you are so adorable in your scarf. I say scarves in the win column for DD+.

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