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Summer Dress Search

It's almost summer! With temperatures up and the sun out, it means that I'm on the hunt for new summer dresses. Many of my dresses from last summer are either worn through (Curse your one season quality, Forever 21!) or fit strangely. I've hit up several small boutiques and tried to pinpoint garments that I thought would look swell with my bust. Dum-de-dum, results below:

High low hems leave me feeling befuddled. It's a dress style I've seen on blogs for months and I've eagerly waited to try it. The refection left me going, "Huh?". Firstly, I'm not the most physically graceful person so I immediately imagined how many times I'd trip over the longer hem. Secondly, I didn't see any obvious benefits for my shape. The bloggers I've admired usually pair this with chunky heels though, so it could've looked cooler with a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.

I don't know much about the brand above, except that it makes ah-mazzzz-ing casual dresses for full busted ladies. In three different boutiques, I found dresses with a light blue and white Union Jack tag that read "survival". The dresses themselves were priced between $40 and $50 and came in classic colors (navy, beige, charcoal grey). They were also some of the only dresses that didn't need a special bra situation, kept the cleavage to a minimum, and fit correctly throughout my body. The beige one cried out for a chunky belt and wedges, however on the whole, I thought these would make fantastic basics. I've Googled this company a million different ways and haven't been able to find out much. Is anyone familiar with them?

Dear tie neck tops, let me count the ways I love you. I've worn one in a DD+ outfit post before and I like the separation and elongation they provide. They make a nice slimming middle column, if that makes any sense. In this case, I also think it's helpful to sort out "good volume" (ties, delicate ruffles) from "bad volume" (toile, large appliques).  The dress above has the daintiest bow print and I immediately thought of multiple ways to style it so I couldn't help myself from grabbing it up.

Ugh, sometimes I want a dress to fit so badly and it just isn't designed with enough bust room. I love dresses like the one above; it would look right at home on some Zooey Deschanel character! Unfortunately, I felt a little strangled up top.

I saw this dress for the first time online and thought it had potential. When I tried it on, it exceeded my expectations! As I noted earlier, the shirt portion has a secret snap to prevent gap-age which is my new favorite feature. I've also recently pinned a number of dresses with wrap/shirt designs on the top half and separate skirts. Like this or this. This is completely off topic, but I really wish that sometimes sites like Urban Outfitters would hire models who have diverse body types. This dress looks radically different on the online model. I feel mislead, gosh darn it.

Now, I'm curious. Where have you found lovely summer dresses? Do you prefer small, independent boutiques or mall stores (I've found myself longing for an H&M recently!)? Have you found any particular dresses that are on-trend & flattering for a full bust?


  1. You're so darn cute in these! I love that black one on you and the tie-neck one is super cute, too! I have found that when the tie neck has a zippered side (or back, for that matter!) closure, instead of buttons down the front, they really can work for a big bust. I snagged a yellow owl print Girls from Savoy Anthro top last year with a tie top detail; I tried it on thinking it would be a big no-go, a la the tie top button downs they sometimes have (had?) at J Crew, and was so excited that it actually looked cute!

  2. You look great! Good choices! Shame about the Zooey D. dress though, it was cute!

    I don't go out shopping all that often, and I HATE trying on clothes, but recently I've had a lot of success with knits because they stretch crosswise. Woven fabrics are pretty, but you have to get the fit just right (with some modification like belts etc) otherwise it doesn't work that well. I really like the skirt-and-blouse combo because it's so interchangeable.

  3. sophisticatedpairMay 23, 2012 at 10:55 AM

    First off, you look beautiful! Dresses are totally your friend and really flatter your figure. :) Secondly, I just bought a beautiful striped dress from the Gap for $60 over the weekend. I was in there to check out their skinny jeans and bought the dress instead! It's made from a stretchy knit so I think it will flatter a lot of different figures. Later this week, I'm going to blog about some of shopping adventures recently and will include a pic of the dress too.

  4. Wowee! That drapey grey dress looks amazing on you. The last dress also looks amazing. You have the perfect figure for those dresses!

    I don't own any summer dresses. I really want to, but I can't find any that fit me the way I'd like. Mostly the dresses are too drapey and I need structure for my body shape. It's winter now anyway, so I don't have to worry about it until summer - if it even hits temperatures high enough to warrant dresses!

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