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I'm Obsessed: Eberjey French Briefs

If you were stuck on the desert island, what panties would you pack? No one has ever asked me that question, but I wish they would 'cause I'd have the best answer! It's a no-brainer. I'd take (at least) two: the Eberjey Delirious and Pima Goddess French Briefs.

With the Gs, I can't wear most items from Eberjey as their chemises, bralettes, and bikinis lean towards the A-D cup gals. However, the French cut briefs from Eberjey are easily the best panties I've ever worn. The French brief works wonders for my curves since they're cut in the middle ground between bikini and boyshort. They hit my hips in the most flattering way possible and provide great bum coverage. The rear seams are minimal so there's little indentation or visible panty lines.

Now, let's talk styles. My favorites are the Delirious and the Pima Goddess. The Delirious version is sheer, with a lace on the borders, and subtly patterned mesh throughout. The panty is sexy, without being over-the-top or obvious. As you might have noticed, I love offbeat colors so the fact that they're available in a bagillion shades is an amazing bonus (see above). There are 3 different types of blue alone! The Pima Goddess is a whole 'nother story. Made out of 92% pima cotton, these are the comfiest underpinnings I own. They come in far fewer colors, but when you can get them in a sophisticated charcoal or bright fuschia, who could complain!? I reach for these the minute they're out of the laundry.

Alright, now you know what's coming. If you were gonna get all Castaway, what panties would you pack for your island sojourn?


  1. Probably the ones I am wearing right now. They are high-waisted, cotton and a floral leopard print (don't even ask how that works). They have elastic around the legholes so they don't slip off my bum (I must have a wide bum, because I always get wedgies ><) and I don't care about getting visible panty lines, so they are great. They are also very cheap. I never want to wear anything that isn't high-waisted again!

  2. Oh my gosh, they sound great! A floral leopard print totally makes sense. I like high-waisted too. I have this silk version that's low in the leg, with a little bit of lace, and I wear them all the time.

  3. I am in an underwear crisis where none of my underwear seems to fit properly, so I'm amped that you posted about this! If I have a size-8ish bum, is the Eberjey M/L big enough or would you recommend XL?

  4. I think the M-L would be perfect! I had an 8ish bum when I bought mine. I hope you love them.


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