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Full Bust Review: Midnight Grace Pin Up Bikini

Inspired by this gallery on XO Jane, I decided to bare it all! My body is far from what the media deems an acceptable "beach body", but it's all mine and it's only one I have. By creating these posts each week and reading other full bust blogs, I've come so far in terms of accepting my shape and finding happiness in my own skin. Like many women, I see a multitude of tiny flaws every time I look in the mirror, but recently, I've let go of the judgement a little and learned how to smile back at myself. Despite all the internal and external voices telling me otherwise, I think I'm beautiful. Now, let's talk about this gorgeous bikini:


I actually bought this bikini in 2010, when it first debuted on I was still a student and I needed an inexpensive, full bust option. I purchased the hot pink colorway, which is no longer available. In fact, the Pin Up Sweetheart Bikini can now be found in the outlet section, for a whopping 20% off. Midnight Grace, a figleaves brand, is an excellent resource if you're on a tight budget. I think their styles are an incredible bargain. The tops fit well, the patterns are stylish, and the price is unbeatable.

The Sweetheart bikini top is lightly padded, but I've found that it's just the right amount of fabric for me. I like enough foam coverage for modestly, but not so much that I look like an armored car. The top is a 30G. The fit was stellar, but I've dropped a 1/2 cup or cup size so this would look more accurate in a 30FF. When I unwrapped the shorts originally, I remember being a little disappointed that they didn't sit higher on my hips/waist. I thought they'd look a little more retro that way. Since 2010, the high-waisted trend has exploded though and I'm waiting for a full bust swimwear brand to release a truly high-waisted bikini bottom (I think the first might be Panache, in their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.). On the whole, I've been delighted with my purchase! It's been fun to style this bikini with bold accessories, neon towels, and bright flip flops.


  1. Gorgeous!!! I wish it came in my size.

    I also agree about the high-waisted bikini. I have loose skin and stretch marks on my lower abdomen so I'd rather have something high-waisted anyway. I wish Curvy Kate or Panache would come out with one because they are the only two that come in my size. :(

  2. Hey June, I couldn't agree more! I think my high waisted briefs are the most flattering on me. If I remember the press event correctly, I think Panache has a black high waisted bottom coming out that pairs with a bright top so we won't have long to wait!

  3. I love the high waist look on some people, but not on me. It just doesn't work out well with my hip structure. I think you may be one of those lucky women that could pull off a high waist style or something like this one. I must say I really like the adjustable hipster on you. How do you find the back coverage? It seems like everything is getting more cheeky in the bottoms, a trend I haven't gotten comfortable with. And on the bikini top, do you find that the band stays tight during wear? I'd happily buy a 30 band bikini top if the band held firmly.

  4. You look great! I'm very happy that you've become more comfortable in your body - it's very heartening to see you calling yourself beautiful, because you totally are.

    It's a very pretty bikini, too! How do you find it to swim in now that you've gone down a bit in cup size? Is it still secure enough?

    I haven't worn a bikini in years, more because of wanting to keep some of the mystery of my body to myself than because of self-esteem (though that does come into it) but if somebody makes a properly high-waisted, above the belly button bikini that has underwires, I might actually try a bikini. I think I'll be waiting a while for that though *sighs*

  5. Thanks! I like the adjustable hipster too, but it is cheeky in the back. Ironically, I've noticed tie-side bikini bottoms can have more rear coverage than hipsters or boyshorts on me. The band stays firm, for sure. I am going to be reviewing a Freya bikini soon and I'd say that band is looser already (after just trying it on!) than this top, which I've had for years. I only hand-wash my bikinis too so they stay in their shape. Like I said, I bought this bikini in 2010 so hopefully Midnight Grace hasn't changed their designs too much. Their firm bands are great for me!

  6. Thank you! Your words mean so much to me. It hasn't been easy to change my mind set and I truly believe that everyone has their insecurities, but it's completely changed my life to read blogs like Invest in Your Chest or Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. Becoming a bra fitter has altered my perspective too -- it made me realize my body's different, not "wrong" and woke me up to the fact that most media images of women have been altered.

    For the bikini, this fit well when I was a "full" 28GG. Right now, my size has changed slightly so I'm a tiny bit smaller. The band is great, very firm. The cups are true-to-size so like many of my old 30Gs, it's a little big.

    I love that ("the mystery of my body to myself") - I think that sentiment is beautiful. I'm pretty sure Panache is releasing a truly -- belly button reaching! -- bikini bottom next season. Let me see if I can dig out a picture of the catalog. Maybe the wait won't be too long after all! :)

  7. Rebecca in SwedenJune 6, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    Thank you for reviewing Midnight Grace bikinis I have been wondering about sizing/fit in this brand for quite some time and googled Midnight Grace and found your blog. :-)
    I buy almost all my bras & swimwear online since it's really difficult to find bras and bikinis in a G-cup in my country.

  8. Me too! The U.K. has the best selection of DD+ lingerie and swimwear. I'm so jealous of the British girls! I'm glad the review was helpful. Luckily, figleaves is having a sale right now - 20% off everything!

  9. I know it's a year and some later, but SQUEEEE:

  10. Since this last comment, there is now the Panache Tallulah high waist bikini brief in purple and blue floral multi print, with matching bandeau bikini. This may also be in plain colours. It can be found on Simply Also try Elomi Swim range either on the same great website or at Brasand High waists don't really do it for me, my belly button looks better on show! One solution is fold briefs which can be worn high waisted or lower on the hips. Pour Moi? Do a really nice fold brief in glitzy material in beautiful colours in the Azure bikini range


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