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Full Bust Brand: Freya

I regularly hear from from my full bust friends, relatives, and clients that they wish there were more pretty bras in their size range. I firmly believe that every woman should be able to find an attractive, supportive bra that suits their lifestyle. With these two situations in mind, I'd like to introduce my full bust brand series. I realize that many readers are already aware of these wonderful companies. However, if you aren't, I hope you find a new (pretty!) bra or brand you love:

Freya is the perfect brand to start off this series with because I'm a little fanatical about 'em. I have 1.) briefly considered what a tattoo of the Freya logo would look like and 2.) thought what an awesome name Freya is for a real life person (my future daughter?).

In a word, Freya's about design. Each season, they churn out bras with exceptional prints, subtle contrast trims, and the most feminine sheer panels. I don't know what kind of lingerie gods they've got locked away in their Freya Castle of Magic, but I do know those evil geniuses can read my mind. Whether it's a on-trend color or a ditsy floral print, their bras consistently blow me away. For my body, the fit is remarkable. The Jolie and the Lyla are two of my reliable favorites and the plunge shape pictured below (and reviewed here) is easily the best fit I've ever experienced.

                                                                      Freya "Beau" Plunge

With a few exceptions, they're the only full bust brand that produces longlines. For stylish full busted ladies, it's such a relief to see trendier pieces or retro elements that are usually available for A-C cups exclusively. They're also the creators of the Deco, a push-up plunge bra, which produces incredible cleavage and has spawned gorgeous "fashion" versions. In addition to its "Come n' get it, boys!" appeal, the Deco is brilliantly comfortable. I've chosen it specifically for long flights and road trips.

                                                     Carys Longline, debuting this July

However, many Freya fans are disappointed that some of their interesting concepts -- the padded half-cup -- aren't available in a larger size range. While other full bust brands experiment with similar shapes, us groupies are left to wonder why the mothership isn't producing those bras in our sizes. There's always hope on the horizon. After public feedback that the 30G Deco was loose in the band and large in the cup, Freya rolled out a 28GG the very next season.

I've also noticed in my Freya collection that there can be a bad apple. Nine times out of ten, Freya fits me like a custom bra. Unfortunately, every once in a great while, I try a Freya style and it's off somehow. The plunge shape above looks painted on me, but their fuller balcony styles are a tad too deep in the cup for me. I suppose this makes sense since I doubt all Freya customers are built exactly the same. Some styles that don't quite jive with me may work wonders for other women.

Freya Staples: the Deco & its descendents, any longline, the Jolie, the plunge cut, the Arabella and sister bra, the Lyla.

Interesting Fact: Eveden, Freya's parent company, was recently acquired by the Japanese lingerie giant, Wacoal.

Most Anticipated for Autumn/Winter 2012: The Gem. Although the upcoming season is full of great prints, the Gem collection stands out with a delightful "China Blue" shade. The matching bottoms will include a new shape for Freya, a Brazilian thong or tanga, as well as my personal favorite, the high-waisted brief.


  1. Thank you so much for this post! Could you comment on the shape that Freya bras give relative to other full bust brands? My Arabella (in 28FF) fits me better than anything I've ever experienced, but the profile is the tiniest bit pointier than I consider ideal.

    I hope that you continue your full bust brand series!

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