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Friday-Sunday Favorites :P

Eck! I'm three days late on my favorites, but here we go. Consider it a Sunday surprise! Apologies for both my tardiness & dorky love of alliteration.

I pinned this dress from Urban Outfitters a while ago and finally got to try it on. I ❤ the fit, pattern, & secret snap that keeps it from gaping!

The top 30 contestants for Curvy Kate's Star in a Bra were announced. They're all so gorgeous & inspiring, it'll be hard to vote for just 3! I squealed when I saw that fellow bloggers Cristyen and Brittany were among the beautiful faces.

Two of my favorite things: boobs & pasta.

I'm slow on the uptake so I'm only now watching Firefly on Netflix (See above: I'm a dork.) and I can't get over the cleavage on Morena Baccarin/Inara Serra. Go team.

Sneak peaks from both the Curvy Kate and Freya Spring/Summer 2013 collections have appeared over the weekend & they're giving me heart palpitations.

Ewa Michalak received some well-deserved press on the Lingerie Addict this week. After seeing this new style, I'm about ready to pack it up & move to Poland.

Another Polish brand, Comexim, is getting great buzz too. I hope they ship to the U.S. as this, this, and this were automatically added to my WANT IT NOW list (aka Pinterest).

Although I don't work at a department store, this open letter to bra fitters made me smile.
Here's to a happy week, lovelies!

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