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Friday Favorites

Oh wow, I can't believe it's Friday. My week was crazy stressful so I'm hoping I can spend this weekend recharging at home. I'm envisioning a healthy dose of yoga, baking, and strolls downtown with my boo. The weather hasn't been stellar lately, but there are definitely a lot of colorful flowers out. While we're talking natural beauty, is anyone planning to check out the "super moon" this Saturday?

Congratulations, Sophie Morgan on winning the 2012 U.K. Star in a Bra model search! Isn't she gorgeous!?

BiuBiu is a Polish company that makes tops and dresses exclusively for full busted ladies and they've relaunched their website this week. It looks fantastic!

I've been meaning to place a BiuBiu order - I want this and this for the summer.

Retro silhouette + polka dots = dream bathing suit #1 and #2.

This post on body image has me reconsidering my own double standards.

The top 3 entries for the Brastop Blogger position are up! I'm putting my vote in for Rachel.

I've thinking recently about the messages inherent in the contour t-shirt trend so this article on the Breast Life blog and this post on the Butterfly Collection blog are fascinating. Do you prefer padded or sheer?
Have a happy Cinco de Mayo, everybody!

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