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DD+ Outfit: Remixed.

Since the weather swings between temperatures so dramatically here, I love the pieces of my wardrobe I can style year round. Like this top, which I wore in this post during the winter. As I've said before, I'm completely on board with the sheer trend, even if my sheer is relatively conservative with my nude tank underneath.

Also -- earrings! I love big, honking earrings. I'm not sure where I picked this preference up, since I like my jewelry on the dainty side everywhere else. Tiny bracelets? Check. Delicate necklaces? Check. The biggest, brightest earrings you can find in Forever 21? Yes, yes, yes.

{blouse: 11 eureka (2011) | shorts: j.crew outlet (2011) | shoes: nine west outlet (2011)| earrings: faces (northampton, ma)}

One Comment

  1. Niiice outfit! It all looks great, and I love the shoes. To me, they take the outfit from a simple, on-trend outfit (which looks great) to a unique one (which looks even better!).

    I would definitely wear a nude tank under anything sheer. I'm not keen on anyone seeing my midriff lol


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