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May 2012

DD+ Outfit: Tour Guide

For the past four summers, I worked as a tour guide at the Mount, Edith Wharton's restored estate in Lenox, MA. I loved being a tour guide and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in history, preservation, or architecture.  I got to spend a ton of time outside, enjoy the gorgeous gardens, and present tours about an inspiring author. It was definitely a dream job! I wore this outfit constantly to the museum. I think this combination (& face!) say, "Trust me with your brain: I know a lot about the Age of Innocence".

Isn't it fun to mix prints? I remember the first time I put these two pieces together; I felt brilliant. For the most part, I like to wear smaller prints on the top and larger, more dramatic ones on the bottom. Something about it seems good-for-the-busty.

{tee: uo (2009)|skirt: marshalls (2008) |heels: hand-me-down}

Full Bust Review: Midnight Grace Pin Up Bikini

Inspired by this gallery on XO Jane, I decided to bare it all! My body is far from what the media deems an acceptable "beach body", but it's all mine and it's only one I have. By creating these posts each week and reading other full bust blogs, I've come so far in terms of accepting my shape and finding happiness in my own skin. Like many women, I see a multitude of tiny flaws every time I look in the mirror, but recently, I've let go of the judgement a little and learned how to smile back at myself. Despite all the internal and external voices telling me otherwise, I think I'm beautiful. Now, let's talk about this gorgeous bikini:


I actually bought this bikini in 2010, when it first debuted on I was still a student and I needed an inexpensive, full bust option. I purchased the hot pink colorway, which is no longer available. In fact, the Pin Up Sweetheart Bikini can now be found in the outlet section, for a whopping 20% off. Midnight Grace, a figleaves brand, is an excellent resource if you're on a tight budget. I think their styles are an incredible bargain. The tops fit well, the patterns are stylish, and the price is unbeatable.

The Sweetheart bikini top is lightly padded, but I've found that it's just the right amount of fabric for me. I like enough foam coverage for modestly, but not so much that I look like an armored car. The top is a 30G. The fit was stellar, but I've dropped a 1/2 cup or cup size so this would look more accurate in a 30FF. When I unwrapped the shorts originally, I remember being a little disappointed that they didn't sit higher on my hips/waist. I thought they'd look a little more retro that way. Since 2010, the high-waisted trend has exploded though and I'm waiting for a full bust swimwear brand to release a truly high-waisted bikini bottom (I think the first might be Panache, in their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.). On the whole, I've been delighted with my purchase! It's been fun to style this bikini with bold accessories, neon towels, and bright flip flops.

DD+ Outfit: Remixed.

Since the weather swings between temperatures so dramatically here, I love the pieces of my wardrobe I can style year round. Like this top, which I wore in this post during the winter. As I've said before, I'm completely on board with the sheer trend, even if my sheer is relatively conservative with my nude tank underneath.

Also -- earrings! I love big, honking earrings. I'm not sure where I picked this preference up, since I like my jewelry on the dainty side everywhere else. Tiny bracelets? Check. Delicate necklaces? Check. The biggest, brightest earrings you can find in Forever 21? Yes, yes, yes.

{blouse: 11 eureka (2011) | shorts: j.crew outlet (2011) | shoes: nine west outlet (2011)| earrings: faces (northampton, ma)}

Friday Favorites

What's everybody up to this long weekend? I'll be working, but I'm pumped for summer movies, outlet shopping, & smoothies. All things that start with an S and end with awesome. Oh yeah, and I might try my hand at these key lime pie cupcakes again. 'Cause the size of my sweet tooth can only be rivaled by the size of my boobs:

Can you believe it's Memorial Day weekend? Gosh -- I have a ton to catch up on the Interweb...where to start?! First of all the Bra Band Project is live! If you haven't contributed already and you're a 24, 26, 28, or 30 band, then get your bum in gear.

Secondly, voting on the USA Star in a Bra Top 30 closed yesterday. That can only mean one thing: the top 10 will be revealed soon (May 30th)!

Speaking of Curvy Kate, promotional photos of the Spring 2013 collection debuted on the Lingerie Journal. Hubba hubba.

An amazing giveaway is going on this weekend on the Full Figured Chest. If you haven't read her series yet, I highly recommend it. The posts are a wonderful way to learn about made-to-measure lingerie and independent designers!

The Sophisticated Pair gals just found some awesome bust friendly pieces at Banana Republic and Gap.

This woman was "too hot" to sell lingerie, told to wear a bath robe, & then fired. Huh.

Not for full busted ladies, at all...but the lingerie blog That Je Ne Sais Quoi has a great piece on bras for a small bust. As a bra fitter, I can totally get behind the Eberjey, On Gossamer, & Elle Mac styles for this size range.

Have you seen the Fatkini Gallery on XO Jane? Love it -- your beach body IS your body, no matter your size.

Claudette's Dessous Mesh in the neon shades just debuted on Faire Frou Frou. I need the turquoise ASAP.

I don't fit into the size range of the new Flirtelle styles on Brastop, but this is gorgeous.
Have a happy Holiday weekend, everybody!

Summer Dress Search

It's almost summer! With temperatures up and the sun out, it means that I'm on the hunt for new summer dresses. Many of my dresses from last summer are either worn through (Curse your one season quality, Forever 21!) or fit strangely. I've hit up several small boutiques and tried to pinpoint garments that I thought would look swell with my bust. Dum-de-dum, results below:

High low hems leave me feeling befuddled. It's a dress style I've seen on blogs for months and I've eagerly waited to try it. The refection left me going, "Huh?". Firstly, I'm not the most physically graceful person so I immediately imagined how many times I'd trip over the longer hem. Secondly, I didn't see any obvious benefits for my shape. The bloggers I've admired usually pair this with chunky heels though, so it could've looked cooler with a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.

I don't know much about the brand above, except that it makes ah-mazzzz-ing casual dresses for full busted ladies. In three different boutiques, I found dresses with a light blue and white Union Jack tag that read "survival". The dresses themselves were priced between $40 and $50 and came in classic colors (navy, beige, charcoal grey). They were also some of the only dresses that didn't need a special bra situation, kept the cleavage to a minimum, and fit correctly throughout my body. The beige one cried out for a chunky belt and wedges, however on the whole, I thought these would make fantastic basics. I've Googled this company a million different ways and haven't been able to find out much. Is anyone familiar with them?

Dear tie neck tops, let me count the ways I love you. I've worn one in a DD+ outfit post before and I like the separation and elongation they provide. They make a nice slimming middle column, if that makes any sense. In this case, I also think it's helpful to sort out "good volume" (ties, delicate ruffles) from "bad volume" (toile, large appliques).  The dress above has the daintiest bow print and I immediately thought of multiple ways to style it so I couldn't help myself from grabbing it up.

Ugh, sometimes I want a dress to fit so badly and it just isn't designed with enough bust room. I love dresses like the one above; it would look right at home on some Zooey Deschanel character! Unfortunately, I felt a little strangled up top.

I saw this dress for the first time online and thought it had potential. When I tried it on, it exceeded my expectations! As I noted earlier, the shirt portion has a secret snap to prevent gap-age which is my new favorite feature. I've also recently pinned a number of dresses with wrap/shirt designs on the top half and separate skirts. Like this or this. This is completely off topic, but I really wish that sometimes sites like Urban Outfitters would hire models who have diverse body types. This dress looks radically different on the online model. I feel mislead, gosh darn it.

Now, I'm curious. Where have you found lovely summer dresses? Do you prefer small, independent boutiques or mall stores (I've found myself longing for an H&M recently!)? Have you found any particular dresses that are on-trend & flattering for a full bust?

I'm Obsessed: Eberjey French Briefs

If you were stuck on the desert island, what panties would you pack? No one has ever asked me that question, but I wish they would 'cause I'd have the best answer! It's a no-brainer. I'd take (at least) two: the Eberjey Delirious and Pima Goddess French Briefs.

With the Gs, I can't wear most items from Eberjey as their chemises, bralettes, and bikinis lean towards the A-D cup gals. However, the French cut briefs from Eberjey are easily the best panties I've ever worn. The French brief works wonders for my curves since they're cut in the middle ground between bikini and boyshort. They hit my hips in the most flattering way possible and provide great bum coverage. The rear seams are minimal so there's little indentation or visible panty lines.

Now, let's talk styles. My favorites are the Delirious and the Pima Goddess. The Delirious version is sheer, with a lace on the borders, and subtly patterned mesh throughout. The panty is sexy, without being over-the-top or obvious. As you might have noticed, I love offbeat colors so the fact that they're available in a bagillion shades is an amazing bonus (see above). There are 3 different types of blue alone! The Pima Goddess is a whole 'nother story. Made out of 92% pima cotton, these are the comfiest underpinnings I own. They come in far fewer colors, but when you can get them in a sophisticated charcoal or bright fuschia, who could complain!? I reach for these the minute they're out of the laundry.

Alright, now you know what's coming. If you were gonna get all Castaway, what panties would you pack for your island sojourn?

Friday-Sunday Favorites :P

Eck! I'm three days late on my favorites, but here we go. Consider it a Sunday surprise! Apologies for both my tardiness & dorky love of alliteration.

I pinned this dress from Urban Outfitters a while ago and finally got to try it on. I ❤ the fit, pattern, & secret snap that keeps it from gaping!

The top 30 contestants for Curvy Kate's Star in a Bra were announced. They're all so gorgeous & inspiring, it'll be hard to vote for just 3! I squealed when I saw that fellow bloggers Cristyen and Brittany were among the beautiful faces.

Two of my favorite things: boobs & pasta.

I'm slow on the uptake so I'm only now watching Firefly on Netflix (See above: I'm a dork.) and I can't get over the cleavage on Morena Baccarin/Inara Serra. Go team.

Sneak peaks from both the Curvy Kate and Freya Spring/Summer 2013 collections have appeared over the weekend & they're giving me heart palpitations.

Ewa Michalak received some well-deserved press on the Lingerie Addict this week. After seeing this new style, I'm about ready to pack it up & move to Poland.

Another Polish brand, Comexim, is getting great buzz too. I hope they ship to the U.S. as this, this, and this were automatically added to my WANT IT NOW list (aka Pinterest).

Although I don't work at a department store, this open letter to bra fitters made me smile.
Here's to a happy week, lovelies!

Friday Favorites

Oh wow, I can't believe it's Friday. My week was crazy stressful so I'm hoping I can spend this weekend recharging at home. I'm envisioning a healthy dose of yoga, baking, and strolls downtown with my boo. The weather hasn't been stellar lately, but there are definitely a lot of colorful flowers out. While we're talking natural beauty, is anyone planning to check out the "super moon" this Saturday?

Congratulations, Sophie Morgan on winning the 2012 U.K. Star in a Bra model search! Isn't she gorgeous!?

BiuBiu is a Polish company that makes tops and dresses exclusively for full busted ladies and they've relaunched their website this week. It looks fantastic!

I've been meaning to place a BiuBiu order - I want this and this for the summer.

Retro silhouette + polka dots = dream bathing suit #1 and #2.

This post on body image has me reconsidering my own double standards.

The top 3 entries for the Brastop Blogger position are up! I'm putting my vote in for Rachel.

I've thinking recently about the messages inherent in the contour t-shirt trend so this article on the Breast Life blog and this post on the Butterfly Collection blog are fascinating. Do you prefer padded or sheer?
Have a happy Cinco de Mayo, everybody!

Full Bust Brand: Freya

I regularly hear from from my full bust friends, relatives, and clients that they wish there were more pretty bras in their size range. I firmly believe that every woman should be able to find an attractive, supportive bra that suits their lifestyle. With these two situations in mind, I'd like to introduce my full bust brand series. I realize that many readers are already aware of these wonderful companies. However, if you aren't, I hope you find a new (pretty!) bra or brand you love:

Freya is the perfect brand to start off this series with because I'm a little fanatical about 'em. I have 1.) briefly considered what a tattoo of the Freya logo would look like and 2.) thought what an awesome name Freya is for a real life person (my future daughter?).

In a word, Freya's about design. Each season, they churn out bras with exceptional prints, subtle contrast trims, and the most feminine sheer panels. I don't know what kind of lingerie gods they've got locked away in their Freya Castle of Magic, but I do know those evil geniuses can read my mind. Whether it's a on-trend color or a ditsy floral print, their bras consistently blow me away. For my body, the fit is remarkable. The Jolie and the Lyla are two of my reliable favorites and the plunge shape pictured below (and reviewed here) is easily the best fit I've ever experienced.

                                                                      Freya "Beau" Plunge

With a few exceptions, they're the only full bust brand that produces longlines. For stylish full busted ladies, it's such a relief to see trendier pieces or retro elements that are usually available for A-C cups exclusively. They're also the creators of the Deco, a push-up plunge bra, which produces incredible cleavage and has spawned gorgeous "fashion" versions. In addition to its "Come n' get it, boys!" appeal, the Deco is brilliantly comfortable. I've chosen it specifically for long flights and road trips.

                                                     Carys Longline, debuting this July

However, many Freya fans are disappointed that some of their interesting concepts -- the padded half-cup -- aren't available in a larger size range. While other full bust brands experiment with similar shapes, us groupies are left to wonder why the mothership isn't producing those bras in our sizes. There's always hope on the horizon. After public feedback that the 30G Deco was loose in the band and large in the cup, Freya rolled out a 28GG the very next season.

I've also noticed in my Freya collection that there can be a bad apple. Nine times out of ten, Freya fits me like a custom bra. Unfortunately, every once in a great while, I try a Freya style and it's off somehow. The plunge shape above looks painted on me, but their fuller balcony styles are a tad too deep in the cup for me. I suppose this makes sense since I doubt all Freya customers are built exactly the same. Some styles that don't quite jive with me may work wonders for other women.

Freya Staples: the Deco & its descendents, any longline, the Jolie, the plunge cut, the Arabella and sister bra, the Lyla.

Interesting Fact: Eveden, Freya's parent company, was recently acquired by the Japanese lingerie giant, Wacoal.

Most Anticipated for Autumn/Winter 2012: The Gem. Although the upcoming season is full of great prints, the Gem collection stands out with a delightful "China Blue" shade. The matching bottoms will include a new shape for Freya, a Brazilian thong or tanga, as well as my personal favorite, the high-waisted brief.

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