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Friday Favorites

What's everybody up to this weekend? My apartment will be quiet since Mr. Underpinnings will be on tour through Sunday. I'm planning on getting through a bunch of my spring cleaning projects, going to the gym for a swim, and cooking some delicious vegetarian grub. That sounds mighty ambitious though, so it might just end up being three days of romantic comedies and Indian take-out. Perhaps with a little French toast on Sunday...

Here are some things I've loved this week:

PZI Jeans are made for hourglass ladies. I'm dying to try a bright pair.

I haven't heard of her before, but Gabi Fresh looks so. damn. hot. in her bikini. SimplyBe? More like simply be smokin'.

While we're on the topic, has anyone tried the ASOS DD+ bikinis? I like the white and the leopard print.

I've eagerly awaited the Harem set from Masquerade and it's just debuted on Herroom.

U.K. readers: To celebrate their one millionth view, Brastop is looking for a new blogger! Every month, you would receive and review a lingerie set.  Sounds like a dream job to me!

As someone who has struggled with body confidence and now works with lingerie, this post on the Full Figured Chest hit close to home.

Love this print.

This is fun to pat on your d├ęcolletage for a night out.

Cat ladies worldwide, this corset is epic!

If your significant other was away, would you welcome him/her home with these? I think my man would just giggle.

If you haven't entered yet, the clock is ticking on Star in a Bra...
Have a happy weekend!


  1. I bought the leopard Asos bikini last year. It's super retro and fun, is very padded though, but I can't quite figure out the Asos sizing for bikini tops. I almost wonder if they translate the cup sizes to US sizes on the US site, and I've been meaning to email them and ask, because I found them to run a bit small (I have two Asos bikini tops and the same is true for both)--you might want to ask them! But for the price the quality is decent!

    Love that Catbird print! How adorbs!

  2. I live in the US and my size is a 30GG but I can sometimes get away with my sister size, 32g (uk). Yesterday, I received two bikinis I ordered from Asos US, as a 32G. When I tried them on, they were way too small in the cup. I checked the packaging and both bikini tops said 32F UK, 32G US. So yes, the US Asos company translates the sizes. This stinks, because that means the Asos brand bikinis do not go any higher than an F cup. Bummer.

  3. Oh gosh! I wish they had worked out for you. They seem like a great place to order from -- with the free shipping, discounts, etc. I wonder why they do that with the sizing, when other U.K. based online retailers (like Figleaves) don't.

    I'm sure they'll still be a good alternative for the DD-F cup ladies out there.

  4. I saw the Harem set this morning on Herroom and was drooling immediately. I really do not need another bra right now, and I've had difficulties with Masquerade sizing in the past, so I'm hesitant to order again. However, I did get a 10% off code for voting in their "Undie Awards" and it is my birthday this month. Haha

  5. Isn't the Harem gorgeous?! For a "basic" in black/nude, it's arresting. It'll be a birthday bra then! I was thinking of voting too, I think it's such a cute idea.


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