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DD+ Outfit: A Page from the Boys

Today, I want to discuss menswear styles! Specifically, how do you balance your full bust/hourglass figure with trends that are traditionally worn by gentlemen? I wanted to get some tips or hints since this is an area of personal style which I avoid with a plague-like resistance. For a long time, I've followed the ladies at Who What Wear and they've been big proponents of a mixed feminine/tomboy approach which looks fresh and modern. While I love the combination, I've noticed that I've given up on adding more masculine pieces into my ensembles. Last week, with the sun out, I tried my hand at it. Glaringly girly results below:

Clearly, I can't manage even one tomboy piece (my shorts!) without adding high-heeled wedges, pink accessories, and ruffles! When I asked my close friend and all-things-fashionable consultant, she told me that her favorite version mixes wide leg trousers with a ladylike blouse. My younger sister is a big fan of boyfriend blazers from Urban Outfitters over breezy dresses. Do you add in menswear pieces or skip it altogether for the girly stuff?

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