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Curvy Kate's "Star In A Bra" Competition

Curvy Kate, a wonderful full bust company from the U.K., has begun their model search contest in the USA! Entitled "Star in a Bra", the unique competition is looking for a D+ American gal to model their gorgeous styles. I plan on entering and here's why you should too:

  • No experience necessary. You don't need to be a professional model or possess any stereotypical "model-y" features. The winners and runners-up from Britain and Australia are a beautifully diverse bunch. The annual U.K. version is already under way and looking through the top 10, you'll see there are plenty of contestants with tattoos, natural curves, kinky hair, etc. Which brings me to my next point...

  • The competition raises awareness of what full bust figures really look like. Unfortunately, I've found there can be widespread ignorance in the U.S. about how bra sizing works and the appearance of a D+ woman.  The competition will help change the general misconceptions about this size range and pave the way for a deeper acceptance of curvy bodies.

  • Entering is easy. You'll only need five photos: two head shots and three body shots in your favorite set or bikini. Then hop on over to the Curvy Kate USA Facebook page and explain why you'd make the greatest new Star in a Bra.

  • The winner receives awesome prizes, including a year long contract with Curvy Kate and a heavenly amount of lingerie gorgeousness.

If you'd like to check out a Curvy Kate style, I reviewed their Tease Me bra here. For more pretty sets, you can check out their styles on Bare Necessities too.

Alright, full bust sisters! The competition opened earlier this month and will close on April 27th. Let's show Curvy Kate how us Yankee girls get down!


  1. I have everything crossed for you! I am so excited that this competition has come to North America and hope there will be a Canadian version one day! xx

  2. All the best, Cece! You're doing a great thing. I agree that there's gross ignorance of bra sizes in the US (I hate those "celebrity bra sizes" articles on gossip mags where even girls like Dolly Parton or Pamela Anderson are always guessed to be DD cups at most!). This needs to change!

  3. Thanks! I loved your post on Star in a Bra and I completely agree that the contest is especially important for North America. I think CK is thinking of doing a competition in Canada BTW - I saw on the USA FB page that they're considering it.

  4. Thanks, Scarlett! I hope you're thinking of entering too! :) We all need to spread the word -- the competition is like a dream-come-true. I love to see busty & confident ladies in the spotlight.


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