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Louisa Ellis Series: Casual Picks

Increasingly, on my days off, I've been wearing a pair of jeggings and an old t-shirt I stole from my boyfriend (The tee features an artistic rendering of a gun with the word "Detroit" scrawled inside. Hmm.). When Melissa brought me these tops at Louisa Ellis, I was dumbstruck. Several questions floated through my head, including: Who am I? How did I lose weight in the last two minutes? Why have I been wearing that ratty gun t-shirt?! Here are four looks I'd gladly trade the t-shirt for:

1. Striped Top

                                       Top: Eva Franco, Jeans: Red Engine, Shoes: Earthies

When Melissa handed me this top she explained that many full busted women are hesitant to try high necklines, but that this top works well with a large chest. Instead of a traditional v-neck to "break up" the look of the top, the eye is caught by the details of my collarbone. Without being tight or restricting, it brings out my shape through the tie waist and almost off-the-shoulder effect.  The batwing sleeve detail and the striped fabric combine to minimize the GGs.

Looking through these photos again, I'm struck by how my "forgotten" features (arms, collarbone, neck) are highlighted by these tops. While the fabric was soft and the vibe definitely leaned towards the Francophile, my favorite element of this shirt was its' understated sex appeal.

2. Striped Blouse

                                                                Top: Beyond Vintage

This blouse was the first top I tried and I gasped when I saw it on. When I asked Melissa why it worked, she explained that the seams and stripe details in the middle are ultra-slimming. If you look closely, you'll see the stripes move in two different directions. The ones on the torso move toward the streamlining middle column and reinforce it, while the sleeve stripes mirror my arms. Just like the first top, the extra volume above aids in a successful "concealing" mission.

As a fan of "What Not To Wear", I've heard that dark boot cut or slightly flared jeans are flattering on hourglass figures. I did not realize that, combined with a great pump, they make you look as if you've lost 10 lbs. Dear Stacy and Clinton, you were right all along.

3. Faux Suede Jacket

                                          Jacket: Christopher Collins, Tank: A'nue Ligne

Like maxi-length bottoms, I'd given up on finding a cute leather jacket for mid-season temperatures. Leather, suede, and faux cuts end up making my torso look like a lumpy box. Happily, the jacket above was much more amenable with my curves. I thought the draping and off-center zip fell beautifully. Melissa showed me how the v-shaped sides slimmed me and the seams in the back mirrored my natural shape.

My vegetarian heart cried in delight when I heard the fabric was faux suede! It's so soft I could've sworn it was real. I could see myself wearing this jacket as the weather shifts.

4. Ruched Dress

                                                     Dress: Bailey 44, Shoes: my own
My shabby pictures of this dress do not do it justice! It's almost impossible to see, but there's a gathered knot near my waist which clenches everything in. Again, the draping is divine.  In my dress series, I wrote that I love sheath styles for curvy girls and this dress brings the va-va-voom effect, without being too revealing. My favorite? The ruching on the back (just like the Freya Beau bikini!):

Although this isn't everyone's idea of a casual dress, I thought it'd be great for my boyfriend's gigs or grabbing drinks with friends. I'd like to look more pulled together on my down time (and less like I support violence in Michigan!).


  1. I've been experimenting with jeans lately, too. I think darkness, length and heels make the biggest difference. Still trying to decide if I agree about boot cut or flared.

    I LOVE that jacket.

  2. Oh, please tell me your results with the jeans! I'm badly in need of a good pair and I don't really know where to look/what lines might work. And thank you, that jacket is truly AWESOME.

  3. I was hesitant to go back to bootcut/flare legs but loved the high-waist versions I tried last fall and a vintage pair of high-waisted jeans shorts I found last summer! I know it's silly but I was sad to say goodbye to my new jeans when I found out I was preggers a few weeks after I bought them (signs you are a fashion victim??). If you hit the right height with the waist I think they are super balancing w/ a full chest in the right top. (If you're interested, this post I wrote on them has photos so you can see what they look like on:

    I love that first striped top on you, too -- the waist hits at the perfect spot! Wouldn't it be lovely with a bold pair of statement earrings??

    Love when boutiques can really fit and guide different body types to clothes that look awesome. Great series!

  4. Thank you, Sarah! I'm a big fan of your blog so your compliments mean a lot to me. You're not a fashion victim, you're a...stylish planner? I hate it when I suddenly gain/lose weight for the exact same reason. I have to store/donate some of my favorite things. I've read your post on the high-waist denim & full busts (love your shout-outs to Jessica!) and I'm completely enamored with the trend & your results. I have a pair of high-waisters myself, but found that they were a little too high or the denim itself was a little too thin. Something was definitely off.

    Boutiques are wonderful. It's just like bra fitting; it goes a little easier when you have someone to help you through it or be a second pair of eyes.

    Speaking of all things fashionable and awesome, are you on Pinterest? If not, you should join! I've been pinning things and dorkily writing, "The blog StackDD recommends this..." because I know I found the item on your blog originally.

  5. Aw, *blush* I love your blog, too!

    Hmm... the jeans I tried that I liked were all a more substantial denim, but my shorts are thin. The thin denim works fine on the shorts, but I could see how that might be trickier on a full-length pant. I feel like the pants work best when they're sturdy enough for/stand up to a tucked-in top. Have I spent enough brain cells analyzing this yet?? :)

    I am on Pinterest and joined Darlene's DD+ clothing drool group but I just haven't gotten on the stick yet and posted anything! I'm sure I'll do some marathon pinning soon!!


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