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Let the Bra Fitting Fun Begin!

I was walking home the other day and I realized: I'm a bra fitter...and I never write about bra fitting on Miss Underpinnings! Total hand-to-head slam. The more I thought about it, the more I realized why I've avoided the subject before. There are tons of resources online (that I've fallen in love with!) about bra fitting. There are inspiring consumer campaigns, fantastic conversion charts, and step-by-step instructions for full busted ladies without local fitters. I'd like to create a series on fitting, but I can't top those lady guides so I think I'll begin a little differently. To start off, here are five things that might surprise you about being a fitter:

1. My hands are always cold and it sucks. My hands get cold in the summer from air conditioning and freezing in the winter from, well, winter. I suspect I have some sort of health issue going on, but it means I apologize profusely for their temperature. A lot. If I ever adjust your straps or check your band, I'm sorry in advance.

2. A proper, friendly introduction is crucial. My first month or so, I wasn't a rock star at this yet. Now, I know that if I don't introduce myself, I won't know their first name and if I don't know their first name, I'll end up awkwardly waiting outside the fitting room door going, "Errrr, um, how's it going in there...m'am?". Never again!
Would you trust this crazy woman with your boobs?
3. I want to know your story. Or rather, your bra-story. Every woman has one and if you only ever tell one other person, it should be your bra fitter. Some women have never been fit properly. Some women don't wear underwire bras. Some women have had surgery or cancer or babies. Whatever your story is, it will always improve the fitting if I'm aware of it. And absolutely no judgement. Whatever has happened to your boobs, I can assure you that you are not the only one.

4. Being a bra fitter changes every notion you've ever had about beauty. Before I was a fitter, I thought the most gorgeous creatures in the world were slender brunettes with high cheeckbones (Think Kiera Knightley or Kate Middleton). Weird, I know, but I wanted to join their ranks and be one of them. Bra fitting has snapped me out of that! As a fitter, I see beautiful women all the time. But the most beautiful women I can think of don't have any one physical attribute in common. They're fat, thin, tall, short, small breasted, full busted, and plus size. Mostly, they're all confident. And that's like a glowing light that's impossible to look away from.

               My mom gave me this for Christmas. Not true technically, but it makes me giggle.

5.  Occasionally, you have to remember to laugh. This isn't an original motto, but one that my manager taught me: It's just a bra! It cracks me up every time she says it because it's so true. I think, like anything else in life, there's an unspoken pressure to take bras more seriously. If you happen to try on a bra and it's not quite right, it's okay to laugh.  After all, it's just a bra.

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