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Full Bust Bra Review: Masquerade "Persia"

WHO designed this bra?! Because I want to hunt them down and buy them a drink! Loads of free drinks, on me. Even if all they drink are fancy cocktails that I can't really afford. I am blown away by the aesthetics of this bra and I believe it's an incredibly daring style to create for the full busted market. I'm impressed with the entire Spring/Summer 2012 Masquerade line, but the Persia has stuck with me since I first saw their promotional photos.

The Persia features a maroon, swirl pattern on top of a medium-toned beige fabric. The beige bottom layer is meant to mimic a paler person's skin color and when the underlay matches up, the wine colored details look painted on. Unfortunately, this skin-to-fabric match-up won't work for everybody. My (genetically lucky) sister has an alabaster, pink undertone skin and I don't think this bra would blend as well on her. Happily, the Persia is absolute magic for my easily tan-able, yellow undertone skin.

The Persia is breathtakingly unique. As obsessed as I am with lingerie, I can't think of another bra, in this size range, that resembles it. With the center gore tassel, the uneven embroidery characteristics and suggestive name, this set is definitely evocative of Moorish architecture. I'd look right at home here or here. Additionally, the 'disappearing quality' of the cup design gives it an uncanny sex appeal. I gotta say, I feel gorgeous in the Persia!

Side notes:

  • The Persia's band is firm. If you're between band sizes, it's something to consider while ordering. It's a relief for me since I've been on the look-out for snug bands. I'm wearing a 28GG above.

  • The straps aren't fully adjustable. I know that some women won't appreciate this, but I loved that the swirl feature continued on the front of the straps (which is what seemed to prevent the straps from fully adjustable status). It felt more luxurious to see the design continue up the sides.

  • The embroidery is a little thicker than I expected. Like my sheer bras, I could feel the pattern on my chest as I wore the Persia. It's not a style to invest in if you're looking for smooth texture or a contoured look in t-shirts.


  1. Another great review! One question for you, did you find the top of the cup to be more open? I know that several other Masquerade styles have a more open cup at the top which can create a sizing problem for some women. I am always on the hunt for bands that run tight, so this style may work for me, especially if it has that same open cup style.

  2. Thanks! Open cup? Hmmm. Masquerade styles like the Coco and Rhea definitely seem more "open" on the top than the Persia. Having said that, the seam that runs up from the bottom, through the cup, doesn't include the uppermost section and the nude double layer doesn't continue there. That section doesn't contain a ton of "give" or stretch though so I would hesitate to call it open. Happily, the band is tight (leans toward a 26). I hope this helps!

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