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Full Bust Bra Review: Bravissimo "Rococo Charm"

I'm fascinated by Bravissimo. If you're unfamiliar with the store, it's a retail chain that sells full busted and full figured lingerie in the U.K. Additionally, they manufacture their own line of bras and clothing items. I've only been to Bravissimo once (cue the violins), but it's where I was first fit into a proper size so I'm forever grateful. Plus, they were recently named one of the best stores in the U.K. What's not to love?

Last month, I ordered two bras from their line, the Moulin Rose and Rococo Charm, in size 28H. Since both styles were half-cups, I decided to up-size to an H. My full-on-top and close-set breasts aren't ideal for half-cup construction, but I refuse to give up on the style. The Moulin Rose ended up being a little large, but the Rococo Charm fit well.

Confession time: I had to look up the word "rococo"! I've heard this term before in pop culture and history lectures, but I wasn't 100% sure that I understood the word. According to Wikipedia, rococo refers to a design movement that occurred in the late 18th century and is characterized by asymmetrical designs, pastel colors, and playful tones. This definition definitely helped to clarify the design inspiration for the swirly pillars at the top of the cups!

In terms of the fit, the cups sat flush against my breasts and the band was firm around my body. The pictures reveal how the Rococo Charm gave me an anchored, compact shape. This bra, like the Curvy Kate Tease Me, will give the best cleavage under square-cut necklines and cocktail party dresses. Considering my shape, I was delighted with the result.

However, my body isn't ideal for this cut and I think that's clear from the image above. The wider, longer wires and large side support panel are the key ingredients in the "anchoring" achievement. However, my breasts are both too narrow and shallow for the bra's essential structure. I needed the up-size to capture the fullness I carry at the top, but I don't completely fill out the bottom or the sides (Notice the gaping/wrinkling.).  Since I knew I was 'forcing' the fit a little, I decided to keep the bra. Half cups make me feel too "Gilded-Age-glamorous" for me to let go of this treasure.

Side notes:

  • Among 28 bands, the Bravissimo bras were both on the firm side. If you're searching for bands that run small or are an in-between band sizes, it's something to take note of.

  • The matching briefs sold out fast. I've noticed, in the reviews on the Bravissimo site, that their matching options are quite popular and tend to sell out quickly. I plan to wear my Rococo Charm with these Eberjey Delirious French briefs since both items feature fancy, subtle polka dots.

  • If you have wider breasts or simply prefer larger side support panels, Bravissimo's half-cups would be worth a try. If this element is reinforced too strongly or is larger than usual, the bra isn't an ideal fit for me. However, I do know that there are many ladies who do benefit from that extra coverage.


  1. You are a brave girl...I'm proud to have you as a satelite part of our family.

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