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Educated Shopper: Louisa Ellis Series

I live in an area that is home to several amazing independent boutiques. While working at the bra store, I noticed that many of our customers were raving about one in particular, Louisa Ellis.  My clients said the ladies at Louisa Ellis had helped them with styling problems and encouraged them to push their fashion boundaries. Since I've felt a little uninspired and bored with my own closet lately, I thought it'd be a perfect time to go in and freshen my perspective. It turns out that Louisa Ellis is full of wonderful options for curvy girls! I found a bunch of fantastic outfits for hourglass bodies of all ages.

This week, I'll be posting a three part series on the results. I'm psyched to talk specifically about what I found, but first some general thoughts:

  • In an effort to better dress my bust, I've forgotten about my other features. At Louisa Ellis, I found that several pieces highlighted my arms, collarbone, and neck. These areas aren't considered "sexy" traditionally, but they have an understated appeal all their own. I've been thinking of my curves as the focal point of so many outfits that those other features were left by the wayside.

  • I've closed myself off to certain trends without realizing it. When I tried on maxi-length or peplum items, part of me cringed inside because I was sure they'd look terrible. Well, they didn't. In retrospect, I think I've tried those designs before and when they didn't pan out in the dressing room, I wrote them off completely.

  • I tend to miss basic pieces that can be immensely flattering. When I shop I'm like a parrot. I like anything big, bright, and bold. I have a hard time focusing or buying basic items because I'm too distracted by a blow-away print or a risky cut.  Some of my favorite finds from Louisa Ellis were (gasp!) solid colors and I would have never chosen them on my own.

  • It's not about the label. When I first walked in, I was seeking out a brand that I suspected was flattering for full busts. After leaving the fitting room and speaking with the owner, I understood a great hourglass garment isn't obvious by the label alone. Fabric, draping methods, and cut are more important indicators of whether something will work for a given body type.

I've organized this series into three posts based on upcoming warmer weather occasions. If you currently live in the Berkshires or are ever traveling near these gently rolling hills, I'd definitely recommend Louisa Ellis. I was awed my the number of beautiful, unique garments I found.

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