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DD+ Outfit: Magic Tricks

I'm sure every DD+ lady has one of these up her sleeve: a go-to, fail-safe wardrobe trick to minimize a full bust or make that feature "disappear" completely. Mine's simple; I just add a loose-fitting tunic or longer blouse to any basic outfit. The outfit below is my winter version. I've added a long tank/tunic top to a black pair of ponte pants and a black turtleneck. I'll admit, I may have stolen this trick from pregnant ladies. But this outfit is modest, comfy, and c'mon, don't I look like I'm a C-cup?! Magic...

Also, turtlenecks! I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love 'em! I know they're supposed to be terrible for full busts and I realize in some cases, they really are. But I don't know how anyone could live north of the Mason-Dixon line and not wear a turtleneck during the winter. It's like living in New England and not owning at least one item from L.L.Bean. Unfathomable.

Do you ever have days when you wake up and feel too tired/cold/hungover/studious to deal with your chest on display? Do you know of/have seen any good tricks for making the girls disappear?


  1. Generally turtlenecks make me look like a walking stick with boobs, but I love your idea of layering something on top! I'm going to have to try that!
    Generally a looser, tunic-like top is my go-to for looking smaller-busted, it's just a difficult balance between looking smaller busted and fat/pregnant :B I'm learning, though!

  2. I don't think I've ever tried to look like I have smaller boobs. At 30FF, I think they are small enough as is xD I have absolutely no tricks for making my chest less apparent. I have tops that make it more apparent, but my other tops are just normal tops.

    I haven't tried wearing a turtleneck for yonks. It's nothing to do with boobs, because I like looking like I have a full chest - well, it's not something I actively work towards, but I don't get why it's a bad thing. I think I will have to try a turtleneck sometime.

  3. Hey Contrary Kiwi, thanks for the comment. I think turtlenecks are great! It probably depends on where you live too. The winters here are normally rough - lots of snow and frigid temperatures - so I like to break out a turtleneck every now and then for warmth. In terms of "tricks", it's great that you don't have any. I like proud fuller bust ladies! Personally, I love a more "minimized" look in some professional settings or on cold/lazy/comfy days. To each her own! :)

  4. Walking stick with boobs cracked me up! Haha. It can be a delicate balance, for sure, between kind of "lumpy" looking and simply minimizing the chest/staying comfy in something that's looser. Whatever you learn, please share! I need more "tricks". :D

  5. Pretty simple, but I quite like to wear a fitted black t-shirt or tank top with loose white trousers or even better a poofy white skirt (this one actually gives the illusion that I have a waist and hips!)

  6. Astrid, that's genius. I know exactly what you're talking about and I've always thought it looked so chic. I've seen photos with thicker knit, wide pants in winter and linen-y ones in summer. I've got to keep my eyes peeled for white bottoms. What a great idea!


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