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DD+ Outfit: Joan Harris Inspired

My obsession with Joan Harris, from Mad Men, is well-documented on this blog. I think my love for her stems from the fact that she was the first character, on any major television show or movie, that I felt looked like me. Of course, Christina Hendricks is gorgeous. I'm not saying we look alike (I wish!), but that it was the first time I had seen an actress who had proportions that were remotely similar to mine. It blew my mind. I felt...relieved? Confident? I suppose that when I realized her shape was considered beautiful it made me think of my own body more positively.

With Joan in mind, I whipped up this outfit. My dress is curve-hugging and sexy, but makes me feel pulled-together and classy. If you're familiar with the blog, you might recognize the dress from my Dress Series post. I've actually worn this exact outfit before, to work and then to my boyfriend's gig at a pub. I thought it transitioned nicely from "professional fitter" to "hopeless groupie".

I also wanted to highlight this combination before the weather got any warmer. It's not necessarily a spring-like group of colors, but I love the marigold yellow, brown, and rusty gold shades together.

Do you have any curvy/busty idols? If so, who? Do you remember the first time you saw them? Please tell me in the comments. I'm always on the look out for inspiring body-role-models!


  1. Drew Barrymore was my first body image model, because she was the first who I really recognized as being busty. Luckily, she was also very free and seemingly confident with her body, so I suppose she was a good first boob model to have.

    Christina Hendricks was also an initial boob model for me too--or at least, when I saw her as Saffron in Firefly, I thought, "I have boobs like hers!" Of course, she wasn't wearing a bra in Firefly, and at the time I was still wearing a 34DD. Our boobs definitely did look similar, all unsupported and uncomfortable. (And now one of us is wearing the right size! I'll let you guess who.)

  2. Three cheers for wearing the right size! Drew Barrymore is someone I've always looked up to as well. You're right, she seems confident and self-assured. I also appreciate that she'll try trends fearlessly, even if I don't like the trends. Kudos to Drew!

  3. I adore Drew Barrymore, but I remember thinking her boobs looked great and soon afterwards reading about her reduction. I was a teen-ager back then and it didn't help with my not so great appreciation of naturally large boobs.
    Anyway, around the same period, I remember liking Lisa Nicole Carson's character in Ally MacBeal. I love that she played a prosecutor and that she wasn't whiny like Ally. Then again, I hated her character in ER.

  4. I also adore Christina Hendricks' look in Mad Men. I have read interviews that she wears mostly vintage and custom-made clothes and lingerie, though. On the red carpet I feel she/ her stylist does her boobs no favor. She often looks totally squeezed in and has spillage everywhere. I agree with the lovely Sophia, read her article here:

    She would be an excellent role model for big-boobed girls if she would announce that she's a 32HH (which I estimate she is).

  5. Hey MiaRose, I loved Sophia's article too! I know that it's a pet peeve of mine; when I read that some actress is so-and-so bra size. Reporters, or pop culture at large, are pretty ignorant about how bra sizing works. I'd love to see more celebrities "come out of the closet" about their actual size!

    On the red carpet, I feel terrible for Christina's boobs! They don't look like they have a lot of room to "breathe". However, she looked drop dead gorgeous on her wedding day so I know my homegirl can rock a gown.

  6. Hey Astrid, I never watched Ally McBeal but I googled Lisa Nicole Carson and I agree. She's gorgeous! You got me thinking about actresses I don't necessarily relate to, but who have DD+ chests. Scarlett Johansson immediately came to my mind! She receives a lot of press for her chest and I love her choices on the red carpet, but sometimes I feel as if she's a little stiff. Now that I think about it though, I did love her free-spirited character in Vicky Christina Barcelona.

  7. You crack me up! Who ever thought of conversations about Boobs and Boob size? I've always been relieved I had some, unlike my poor flatter chested sisters, but then I ran into the first idiot who asked me how I held them up and I wasn't so relieved anymore...drunks. I'm a whole other generation or two from you so the mere fact of boob-a-lore is outrageous. It was always called "having a beautiful figure" like one long run on


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