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The Full Bust Wardrobe: Express Button-Up Shirt

At this time last year, I was on the hunt for a button-up blouse for a new job. Of course, with a full bust, I was panicking. Anyone with a D cup or higher understands this unique type of dread. Wardrobe wise, well-fitting button-up tops are one of the hardest items to find if you have a large chest.

Then, at a staff meeting, someone mentioned Express. I hadn't actually been to an Express in years, but I looked on their website and found this shirt. It came in the colors I was looking for and had a bunch of great customer reviews. I ordered two, since the website was running a sale.

Miraculously, they worked! The Essential Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt is exceptionally well tailored for a shirt off the rack. It accommodates my G-cups with perfect ease while nipping in at the waist. The V-neck hits at a point that doesn't require a camisole for modesty, but still makes the cut feminine. It's become one of the most flattering shirts in my wardrobe.  They're also ridiculously easy to style. I wear these under blazers and sweaters in the winter for a preppy, pulled-together look. In the summer, I wear them to my seasonal job as a tour guide and they look perfectly appropriate with white capri pants.

                                   Essential Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt, Express (2011), size M

Things To Know: I bought these shirts last year and the version currently on Express's website is slightly different (I noticed the pleats along the sides are more pronounced.). I realize now that the sizing above is a little off. At the time of my purchase, I weighed about 10 lbs. more so these shirts fit a little better then. It's still such a novelty though; it's the first time in my life when I own a button-up and have room to spare in the bust area!


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