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The Full Bust Wardrobe: BB Dakota "Radley" Coat

Finding a flattering coat -- especially one that suits a full bust -- is difficult. It can be heartbreaking to find a cute coat, try it on, and then be unable to zip/button/snap it near your chest. When I do find coats that look smooth from the waist up, I treasure them and wear them until they start to come apart at the seams.

When I saw the picture below, in the November issue of Glamour magazine, I snorted. It was the featured recommendation for busty women. I thought,  "A double-breasted yellow coat?! Are you kidding me?". I had a double-breasted coat once upon a time. I popped off every button above the waist and it strained against my chest in the most unflattering way possible. I decided that the coat would look hideous on my Gs and flipped the page.

A few days later, I couldn't get this coat out of my head. The real-life model looked adorable and the style was that "Zooey-Deschanel-retro" vibe that I'm fond of. I would periodically dig out the magazine, flip to that page, and stare at the picture. I started to come around to the idea that maybe this coat could be cut with enough space in the bust. When Modcloth had a post-Christmas sale, I went for it.

It turns out, I was wrong about this coat and the Glamour stylists were right. I adore it!  Obviously, there's the color. Yellow cheers me up on grey winter days. The BB Dakota Radley is designed in a way that caters to the DD+ set. In fact, there was actually some additional room in that region (ideal for layering under)! It's also fractionally smaller in the waist and wider in the hips which mirrors my proportions. The collarless feature, with the military accents, works especially well for a larger chest. There's no bulkiness below the neck which streamlines the top half nicely.

                                                         BB Dakota Radley Coat, size M

Things to Know: Since the coat was featured in November and debuted online in the fall, I've had a hard time tracking it down. There are some left on Zappos however, at a discounted price. The coat ran a little larger than other mediums I've had. It's almost like a medium and a half. I've read reviews in which people noted quality issues with the buttons, but I haven't noticed any problems with mine. In terms of temperature, I think this coat will serve me best in the autumn and early spring. New England has had unusually warm weather recently so I managed to wear it today with a long sleeved t-shirt and a button-up cardigan.

Since I've had such luck with the Radley coat, I'm hoping that BB Dakota has other options for full busted ladies. Their coats and dresses seem particularly well suited for a D+ profile. Has anyone else had success with BB Dakota? Which coats have worked for you?

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