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Lingerie Solutions: Fabric Softener for Sheer Cups

For the last few years, I've found myself in a lingerie conundrum. I love sheer bras, like the Freya Lyla, for their sexy aesthetic and light construction. However, I don't like the fact that the mesh fabric can occasionally irritate, rub, or itch my breasts. I stumbled across a tip for this problem a few months ago and I decided to give it a whirl. I'm happy to report that I found a new lingerie solution: fabric softener.

I'm now regularly using fabric softener to wash my mesh or sheer cupped bras, in addition to my regular liquid detergent. The material generally feels smoother on my skin and I've found I can wear my sheer bras for a lot longer, on a day-to-day basis, than before. When I wasn't using the softener, I'd find myself longing to change out of these bras into something more comfortable.

I wash the bras as usual, in a lukewarm water and Soak wash combination. I simply add a teensy amount of fabric softener, before putting the bras in. After they've 'steeped', I don't allow the bras to sit for long in this concoction. I don't know why exactly. I suppose I feel as if they're in more detergent/chemical elements than the bras I clean only with Soak.

Side note: After incorporating the fabric softener and allowing the bras to sit in the liquid, the consistency of the water mixture begins to look like curdled milk. It grossed me out the first time I saw it, but you've been warned:

I tried to do a little online research on the negative side effects of regular fabric softener usage, but I didn't find much. I saw that some people believe it wears down the material of their garments, but I don't regularly rely on this stuff in my laundry loads. I doubt that the small amount of softener I use will make my bras tear or rip. I've also read that fabric softener can effect absorbancy rates in thicker items, like towels. Since the sheer bras aren't designed to absorb much anyway, I'm not worried.

Does anyone have experience washing their delicates with fabric softener? Is this a common trick that I simply wasn't aware of? Totally off topic: don't you just love the scent of lavender in organic-y cleaning products?


  1. Fabric softener breaks down elastic, it is very bad for the material used for the band. I use fabric softener on the cups of my Panache Tangos, but on the cups only. I am very careful not to get any on the band.

  2. Hey Maria, thanks for commenting. The cups only? That's good to know. I had a feeling it wasn't the best stuff in the world, but in the winter, my sheer bras are almost painful. Thanks for the tip!


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