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Full Bust Bra Review: Curvy Kate Tease Me

Curvy Kate is an amazing, new brand from the U.K. which has just started to emerge in the U.S. and I couldn't be happier to see their products available on this side of the Atlantic! I saw their collection at Curve N.Y. and was blown away by their use of bright colors, innovative bra styles, and scrumptious design details. Currently, their company has two sides: a group of soft cup wired bras (The Emily and the Princess are two of my favorites!) and their "Showgirl Collection" which feature lightly padded, burlesque-inspired bras. This bra, the Tease Me, is a Showgirl style in a seasonal color:

This version of the Tease Me, in powder blue and ivory, reminds me of romantic, pastoral paintings of shepherds. I think William-Adolphe Bouguereau would totally be into this bra's soft tones! Surprisingly, my boyfriend seemed to go crazy for this combination too ("Blue's my favorite color!" was the explanation provided.).  It's not straightforwardly sexy in the contemporary sense, but it does lean more towards a half-cup or plunge-like shape which looks great in a square-necked dress. I've read bloggers call this a "cakes on a plate" look or Marie-Antoinette cleavage, which are both accurate descriptions of the look you'll achieve with this cup shape.

After reading several online reviews of Showgirl range, I decided to size up from a 28GG to a 28H. My breasts are quite full on top so any style that offers less coverage on top can be tricky. When I tried it on, I was a little concerned. Like most women, one breast is fractionally smaller than another so the smaller side looked a little lost in the 28H. However, once I started to move around, I was thankful for the extra coverage and both girls settled in nicely. If you're in between cup sizes or carry your weight on the top of your breasts, I'd recommend up-sizing.

A few small side notes:

  • The straps, which are fully adjustable, are also very stretchy and seemed long to me. This is a nice detail for women with longer measurements between the top of their shoulders and their breasts, but it's also nice for women who have a petite build who need the full strap adjustment.

  • If you have the financial means, it might be wise to invest in the matching panties. There are so many rich details in the Showgirl bras, it's harder to find briefs that match well.

  • The interior lining of the cups on the Tease Me are ridiculously comfy. If you have sensitive skin or can be irritated by the fabric of your bra, the padding on this bra will delight you. It seems counter-intuitive, but this bra is fantastic for lounging around in!


  1. O my gosh! LOVE it! Where did you order it from?

  2. Aw, thanks! It's such a great bra. I ordered mine from They're a great online retailer, but I've noticed that their stock tends to go fast. This bra was almost sold out in my size and there were no matching briefs to be found. If you're in the U.S. and fit into their more limited size range, has some too. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks, I too have problems finding places that carry bras I want and then my size is always on backorder. :(

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  5. Hello, just wondering if you've heard of this site It's based in UK, and they have a great collection of Curvy Kate styles. They are priced in the UK currency pounds, but when converted, the price is almost half of what you will pay in the US. I ordered 2 Curvy Kate bra's for less than $50, and that included shipping. The only downfall is that it takes like 2 weeks to get your order. I am a 34H, and I've waited for the day that I can purchase 2 quality bras for $50! Oh, and they have the panties as well. Hope this helps!

  6. Hey Shianne, thanks for commenting! I have ordered from the sister site of Lovebras, and I actually picked up two Curvy Kates. The bras were too small in the cup but I loved ordering from them. They're a great online resource. I have my eye on the white Lottie from Lovebras next.

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